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How to Use GetApp’s Scorecards to Find the Right Software

by Matt Mullarkey-Toner
Published on 9 June 2017

Finding the right software can be tricky due to the overwhelming amount of information out there regarding business software. Let's say that you were looking for accounting software that had the following features: purchase order management, inventory tracking, and audit trail. How would you track that down app?

Before you spend hours poring through software product pages to find apps that match your criteria, don't worry: GetApp's got you covered. To save you time and stress, we've put together a tool that lets you create a business software scorecard that will help match you to the solutions that best fit your needs.

Quick questions

What is a scorecard?

Our scorecard creator will help you sift through the noise and create a shortlist of apps that best meet your needs. With a scorecard, you are not only able to pick what features matter to you, you can also assign their importance. You can also match apps based on your pricing and device requirements.

How do you choose which apps are available to be on a scorecard?In order for an app to appear on a scorecard, it must be in the top 25 of our Category Leader ranking. Category Leaders is GetApp's quarterly ranking of the top cloud-based business software. Apps are ranked based on five different criteria: mobile app availability, user reviews, integration options, security, and social media presence.

Why is a scorecard useful?

A scorecard is a great way to shortlist and compare the software that you're looking to buy. If you've been tasked by your boss to buy software for the company, this is a great way to not only identify potential options, but to present them to your boss. You can also save your scorecard for later access.

How to use the scorecard

Step 1: Tell us what you're looking for

Select the price range and supported devices that you need.

Click on each grouping (e.g. Usability, Permissions/Security, Accounts payable) and select which features are important to you.

You can select as many features as you want. The more specific you are, the more useful the scorecard is going to be.

Go to the right-hand side of the page and click "Build your scorecard"

Step 2: Refine your selection

The percentage on the left-hand side represents the feature match based on your criteria. You can add up to 4 apps to compare.

The apps you've selected are on the right-hand side of the page. From there you can remove apps that you've previously added. When you're finished, click 'Preview your scorecard.'

Step 3: Choose an app that works best for you

From here you'll be presented with a detailed list of features for the apps that you selected. You can see the features side-by-side to get a better overview of the apps.

Next you'll need to fine tune your scorecard. That means adjusting the priority level for the features you've selected. As you change the priority level, the match percentage at the page will change accordingly.

The bottom of the page displays the price range and device options for each of the apps.

Step 4: How to share and save your scorecard

There are a few different ways to save or share your scorecard.

  • Copy the URL and save/send it
  • Click one of the buttons on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen to share over your preferred communication app
  • Save to your GetApp profile

How to save to your GetApp profile

In order for you to save the scorecard, you're going to need a profile on Getapp.

First, you'll need to make a profile on GetApp which can be done through your LinkedIn account.

After you have an account, click on 'Save my scorecard' which is located on the bottom righthand side of the screen.

You should be taken to the top of the page and receive confirmation that your scorecard has been saved. To access the scorecard, you'll need to click on your profile in the top right-hand corner of the page.


Click on "MY SCORECARDS" at the top of the page

That will bring you to a page of your saved scorecards, which can be accessed at any time.

Available scorecards

GetApp's going to roll out more scorecards throughout the year, so be sure to check this article or the top of category pages to find them. Below is a list of the current scorecards available, so be sure to check them out and use them to help you find the right software.