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GetApp Twitter Chat: Agile Project Management

by James Clifton
Published on 28 August 2014

getapp-logoWell, what can I say, the first ever GetApp Twitter chat was a blast, nerve wracking but still loads of fun. Not to mention informative. In case you missed it we discussed Agile Project Management with the guys from Clarizen, Inflectra of SpiraPlan, and LeanKit. And boy did this Agile project management beginner learn a lot.

Questioning started with what we consider to be a fairly fundamental question in helping to understand the topic. What is agile project management?

Clarizen Agile Project Management Twitter Chat LeanKit Agile Project Management Twitter Chat

As you can see there was general consensus about what agile project management is. At this stage of the discussion there was only one point of divergence about the importance of a timeboxed structure to achieving results.

LeanKit vs SpiraPlan agile project management

Before verbal or in this case tweeted blows were traded we moved onto question two: How do you manage unscheduled (and urgent ) issues in an Agile environment?

Inflectra Agile Twitter Chat 2

LeanKit Agile Twitter Chat 4

LeanKit Agile Twitter Chat 6

Clarizen Agile Twitter Chat 1

Finally came question three from left field well really from @jkriggins who wanted to know What is the difference between scrum, waterfall, kanban, etc in agile project management? While each of the participants offered a valuable answer we've decided to go with what @inflectra had to say.

kanban Agile Twitter Chat 1 kanban Scrum Agile Twitter Chat

Once the conversation had slowed sufficiently Question 4 was thrown into the ring: What should I look for when choosing agile project management software? Of course the obvious answer from all participants was their own software platform, which you should check out by the way. Seriously though here is what they had to say.

Agile Twiter Chat GetApp Agile Twitter Chat Agile Twitter Chat 2

The final scheduled question of the Twitter Chat was: What is the best way to implement agile project management?

Agile Twitter Chat 3 Agile Twitter Chat 4 - copia Agile Twitter Chat 5 Agile Twitter Chat 6 Agile Twitter Chat 7 Agile Twitter Chat 8 Agile Twitter Chat 9

There was a lot more to the GetApp agile Twitter chat however due to space restrictions we are unable to replay the whole chat here. But don't despair all you have to do is follow this link to the Agile Chat. And if that is not enough we have a wealth of material on Agile Project Management such as:

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If you want to get involved in the next Twitter Chat join us on Wednesday September 10th when we get down and get funky with Learning Management System experts. If you've got a question you'd like answered please leave it along with our Twitter handle at our GetApp Chat community.

Now, keep up the conversation by asking Clarizen, Inflectra of SpiraPlan, and/or LeanKit questions below or by tweeting to #agile and #getapp! See you next time!


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