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GetData Infographic Top 25 CRM Software Ordered by Integrations on GetApp

by Jimmy Flores
Published on 23 December 2014

Infographic Top 25 CRMs Ordered by Number of Integrations on GetApp

Customer Relationship Management

Here at GetApp we are serious about CRMs and how they can help small business owners achieve great things. We've taken a list of the Top 25 CRMs on the GetApp website and ordered them by the number of integrations available to make this nifty Infographic.

In case you didn't know, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software helps businesses of all kinds manage and nurture client relationships, which in turn help companies grow. It does this through the creation of a comprehensive customer database. This database is where businesses can store current and future customer contact information, accounts, leads and sales opportunities. In a nutshell CRM software helps businesses stay in touch with their customers on a regular basis, as well as segmenting and targeting their customer outreach efforts.

Why Integrations Matter

So what then do integrations have to do with CRM. Well, integrations enable all your different apps to talk to each other. So, if your CRM integrates with your accounting software for example, you can easily transfer data between the two without having to open one and close the other. It also makes team work a breeze since all your information is in one central location. If all your software talks to each other then it is a massive time and headache saver.

Back to the infographic, this infographic is a list of the Top 25 CRMs at GetApp and how many integrations there are available for each one. But before you go thinking "this CRM is the one for me because it integrates with almost everything", do some research! Since it might be a bit costly or feature rich for your needs. We suggest you take your time and have a look at all of the CRMs to discover which one best suits your businesses needs.

The Marketplace Effect

We have to pay special attention to Salesforce and the impressive number of integrations coming to thanks to their AppExchange Marketplace. With over 2500 apps and more than 2.5 million installs, this is testament to the growth that can come from an active developer community. While this is not something every CRM can implement, it is worth noting that a marketplace of apps can exponentially increase the functionality of your CRM.

Infographic Top 25 CRM Software Ordered by Integrations on GetApp

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