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GimeTalk Review — Interact With the Customers That Visit Your Website

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 13 February 2013

logoAs a business owner, you know the importance of having a web presence. You know that more people are finding services and shopping on the Internet so you are always looking for a way to make sure that your website has something your competition lacks.

This week we review GimeTalk a live chat app that gives you that something. You can now interact with the people visiting your website just as you would if they came into your physical store or office.

Provide Personal One-On-One Customer Service

The one thing consumers miss when shopping online is the personal touch. One big complaint about online business is the inability to contact someone in the business to ask a simple question. Some businesses do not even put contact information on their websites. If you need to get in touch with them there is a form to fill out and they will get back to you, when they get around to it. GimeTalk gives your visitors the ability to chat with someone in your company live. Right now! It is a simple live messaging program that can be started with the simple push of a button.

Never Miss a Chance at Making a Sale

GimeTalk is more than just a chat application your customers can use; if gives you the ability to see who is on your website and strike up a conversation with any of them. If you notice someone going back and forth between pages or items, ask them if you can help. Offer to explain the differences between products or help them find what it is they need. This type of customer service is invaluable to any business and will help your website have better conversions.

Good Customer Service Wins New Customers and Keeps Them Coming Back

When consumers feel they are going to be treated with respect and get the help they need when looking for a product or service, they will keep going back to that company. They will also recommend you to their friends. It used to be that location was the biggest determinant on whether or not a new business would make it, now it is all about customer service. GimeTalk gives you the features you need to make your customers happy.

  • You can easily find information on a previous visit so you know their buying habits and help this time.
  • If a customer is having a problem with a prior purchase, using video chat allows them to actually show you the problem.
  • Usable with most Smartphones and tablets.

You customers will feel as if they have walked into your store and have been greeted in person.

The Basics: What Does it Look Like?

GimeTalk is very simple to use, for both you and your customers. In most cases, it is like most other chat applications, you simple type in the person you wish to message and then type in the message. As people visit your site they are assigned a visitor number or they can have a user-name if they log in.

Sign in option:


Agents can be helping more than one customer at a time and also have the option to chat with other agents if they need to. The chat program can be easily hidden on the page by clicking on the close arrow. If a customer does not need any help, they can simply keep the chat closed.

One chat view option:


Another chat view option:

The Pros and Cons of Using GimeTalk

Being able to interact with your customers is very important if you want the Internet portion of your business to take off and grow. This is especially true if you do not have a physical location where people can come and visit. It is very easy to get set-up and start using it on your website, for both you and your customers. The only downfall is that you will need to have someone there to answer the calls. While you do not need to have an operator standing by 24-7, you should have the hours listed when someone will be available and make sure someone is.

Will it Fit your Budget?

One of the great things about GimeTalk is that you can start out with just a few connections available and then add more as your business grows. You do not have to pay for 100 possible connections until you are having 100 people needing to chat at the same time. There is no need to hire a lot of operators if you don't need them either. Start off with you as the on-call operator and just a few connections.

Is It For You?

How much business you do on the Internet will depend on how well people know your name and to look for you. If you are a small business in a small town, the competition is fierce. The best way to keep your customers and have them tell friends about you is with high-quality customer service. In a virtual world a chat application is a great way to provide the service people want. To find out just how much your visitors enjoy being able to get answers from a real person, give GimeTalk a try; sign up for the free two week trail and have fun getting to know the people who you are selling products to. You really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 4/5, value 4/5 and ease of deployment 4/5