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Solution Spotlight: Google’s Most Popular Inspection Software Systems Explained

by Deeksha Malik
Published on 17 January 2018

In GetApp's Solution Spotlight series, we explain which software is at the top of Google's search engine results and how each can meet your specific needs. To identify the systems featured here, we entered the term "home inspection software" in Google the week of December 12, 2017 in an incognito window with the location set to the U.S. The first five solutions on the first page of Google's results are described here in alphabetical order.

So, you've finally decided to go digital and dump the notepads you've been using to scribble down notes for your reports. You want a dedicated tool that will save you time through automation when preparing inspection reports, scheduling appointments with clients, and collecting payments.

Naturally, you turn to Google to search for inspection software systems in the hopes of creating a shortlist of tools to compare. But you soon realize that the market is fairly niche, and it seems a small handful vendors own the industry.

You spend hours switching between dozens of open tabs with user reviews and vendor websites trying to compare platforms, wishing there were a single source that summed everything up neatly.

This article is the starting point you need to get a quick, yet detailed overview of the inspection software solutions that are most popular on the web.

We're highlighting the five inspection software solutions that rank highest on Google's search engine results page (SERP). High rankings on Google's SERPs tells us that these are the most searched for home inspection systems, and that a lot of users or potential buyers are looking for information about these tools.

We'll look at the most notable features for each product, pricing, and we'll provide additional resources for comparing them.

3D Inspection System

Report Writer view in 3D Inspection System. Users can tap to edit and leave notes for each component of the roof inspection (Source: GetApp)

3D Inspection System is downloadable inspection reporting software for Windows. It is suitable for residential and commercial buildings, marine survey, environmental, and other industries.

Some of the tool's key features include:

  • Office management: Track clients, agents, inspection site information, and recently scheduled jobs. Users can manage services provided and fees charged, as well as create and share invoices or receipts via email.
  • Report writer: Allows users to scroll through entire inspection reports without opening multiple windows. Attach summaries, contracts, diagrams, or schematics, insert and annotate digital photos, edit report comments, automate formatting, bookmark incomplete findings, and preview report drafts.
  • Custom form studio: Create customized report forms or modify built-in forms, add comments, format narratives (with color, bold, italics, and underline), run spell-checker, drag and recreate similar sections, and add or edit automatic disclaimer text.
  • Document editor: Integrates with office management and report writer to automatically merge job inspection summaries where needed, eliminating double entry. Add the summary once, and later attach it to the report template with a single click. Email pre-inspection agreements, contracts, or other related information directly to contacts.
  • Mobile capability: The included Phone3D app is currently compatible with Android devices and can be installed on multiple phones or tablets. Access and use custom report forms, upload images, bookmark items, organize comments, review noninspected items, and preview report or summary items.

What makes 3D Inspection System unique?

The most unique feature of 3D Inspection System is its scrolling single-screen interface, which allows users to navigate through inspection reports without having to open multiple windows.

3D Inspection System pricing

3D Inspection System offers three pricing plans:

  • Standard Edition: Costs $1,199.00 for one inspector and includes the standard features listed above.
  • Premier Edition: Costs $1,399.00 for one or more inspectors and includes all the features offered in Standard Edition, but with enhanced office management capabilities.
  • Focus Edition: Bundled software solutions that are designed for specialized inspectors. The cost depends on the package chosen.

All three packages include the option to purchase the annual subscription plan. The first year's subscription is included with the Standard and Premier Editions, with an option to renew for $189 for two licenses ($50 for additional licenses). The subscription ensures you receive all upgrades and updates as they are available.

3D Inspection System comparisons

Compare 3D Inspection System to other inspection software solutions by checking out GetApp's 3D Inspection System alternatives page.


Customized report functionality view in HomeGauge (Source: GetApp)

HomeGauge is a downloadable system for Windows that enables home inspectors to create inspection reports and share or print them online. It comes with multiple report templates for different property types including houses, commercial buildings, condos, new construction sites, and more.

Some of the tool's key features include:

  • Customized reports: Use built-in report templates or create custom templates choosing different formats and styles (grid, checklist, narrative). Create cover pages, add new sections,mergemultiple reports, and add or edit comments. Upload inspection videos, draw sketches, attach images, documents, PDFs, MS docs, and HTML files.
  • Inspector tips: Add tips related to clearances and safety codes to inspection reports. These tips can be used for self-reference or to train new inspectors.
  • Mobile capability: The HG Companion can be used with an Android or iOS mobile device to access or make edits to inspection reports, attach photos, download appointments, record audio bytes and video clips, and a lot more. (The app works with HomeGauge version 5 desktop software and is not supported in HomeGauge version 4.)

What makes HomeGauge unique?

In addition to its software platform, HomeGauge also offers value added services called HomeGauge Services. Some of the key offerings include:

  • A social media marketing integration
  • Expanded report tracking features, which allow users to track all activity and timelines around a particular report including report views and report shares. Reports are also time stamped for validation purposes when you upload and send them, and again when the recipient views the report.
  • Integration with Google Maps and Google Calendar for online appointment management.
  • Users can set up a merchant account to accept online credit card payments from customers who are viewing or buying an inspection report online.

HomeGauge pricing

Home Gauge offers three pricing plans:

  • HomeGauge Subscription: Priced at $80 per month with a $200 setup fee. Includes standard features, mobile app, and HomeGauge Services.
  • HomeGauge Deluxe Package: Priced at $1,344 for a perpetual license.The package includes the latest version of the tool, the mobile app, and 12 months of HomeGauge Services for free.
  • HomeGauge Complete Package: Priced at $2,887.In addition to all the components included in the HomeGauge Deluxe Package, the Complete Package offers a WordPress website build with 12 months of managed website hosting services.

In addition, all the plans offer a free one-year membership to InterNACHI, online tutorials, unlimited free phone support for 12 months (during the free HomeGauge Services period), and unlimited 24/7 free technical support via email.

HomeGauge comparisons

You can compare HomeGauge to other home inspection solutions by checking out GetApp's HomeGauge alternatives page.

Home Inspector Pro

Inspection report template view on Home Inspector Pro mobile (Source: GetApp)

Home Inspector Pro is an inspection software system that caters to both residential and commercial jobs, including mold, radon, pool, and other types of inspections. It is available for download on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Chromebook devices.

Some of the tool's key features include:

  • Custom report templates: There are dozens of built-in standard inspection report templates, or users can create their own customized templates. The tool's template editor supports nine languages. Users can also modify digital stationery and design cover pages.
  • Inspection reports: Users can generate PDF and HTML inspection reports, attach videos, and create a Home Energy Score report, as well as a real estate reference addendum. Digital stationery allows users to customize the reports, while a pop-up glossary provides definitions of commonly used terminology.
  • Mobile capability: Allows users to gather data onsite and send it to the application through their mobile device. Users can use voice recognition to quickly enter new narratives, and there is a search option to find previously created narratives. Upload images and videos to the report and annotate photos (draw circles, arrows, lines, etc. and add text overlays).

What makes Home Inspector Pro unique?

  • Home Inspector Pro, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), is a certified tool that gives users the ability to generate Home Energy Scores. The Home Energy Score provides homeowners, buyers, and tenants standardized and reliable information about a home's energy use.
  • Out of the five products listed in the article, Home Inspector Pro has the maximum number of user reviews on GetApp at 23, with an overall rating of 4.5 out of five stars.

Home Inspector Pro pricing

Home Inspector Pro offers the following pricing options:

  • Free Agent Account: Free plan intended for real estate agents who need to view inspection reports or for home inspectors to use the message boards before purchasing the software. The plan is free for one year.
  • Home Inspector Pro for Windows/Mac: Priced at $649.00, one-time payment. Users can choose to purchase the mobile add-on later, if needed. With Home Inspector Pro Mobile added, the package is priced at $799.00, one-time payment. Home Inspector Pro Cloud service ($20 per month or $240 per year) is required for Home Inspector Pro Mobile.
  • Home Inspector Pro - Lease: For$50 per month and a $99 upfront fee, users can lease a copy of Home Inspector Pro (Windows or Mac). For $65 per month and $125 upfront, users can lease a copy of the desktop and mobile versions, as well as gain access to cloud services.
  • Home Inspector Pro 5 upgrade: Priced at $249, for users looking to upgrade to Home Inspector Pro version 5 from a previous version.(The upgrade is free for anyone who purchased or updated to Home Inspector Pro 4 after 12/20/2016.)

Home Inspector Pro comparisons

You can compare Home Inspector Pro to other home inspection solutions by checking out GetApp's Home Inspector Pro alternatives page.

Horizon by Carson Dunlop

Report template view in Horizon's mobile app (Source: GetApp)

Horizon by Carson Dunlop is cloud-based home inspection software that home inspectors can use for tasks such as creating reports, job scheduling, payment collection, and more.

Some of the tool's key features include:

  • Customized reporting: Offers tools such as custom forms, search functionality, templates, and preview options to create customized and interactive reports. Inspectors can add interactive content, images, illustrations, and related articles. Inspectors can also edit photos and add captions.
  • Scheduling: Home inspectors can view daily, weekly, or monthly schedules, as well as track completed, upcoming, confirmed, tentative, or cancelled bookings. Intelligent scheduling system prevents double bookings.
  • Work orders: Inspectors can start a new work order using the tool's scheduler, track a log of who booked and changed any work order, and track who booked the inspection (for example, the client or agent).
  • Record-keeping: Stores work orders, reports, additional photos that have not been used in the report, and appendices for free. Lets users manage cancelled inspections and the agent database.
  • Sales reports: Users can also generate comparative sales reports, accounts receivable reports, and sales reports by business types to track business performance.
  • Mobile capability: Horizon Mobile works on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Home inspectors can collect data and work on reports using their mobile devices, with no need for internet connection. The data automatically syncs when there is internet connectivity.

What makes Horizon unique?

  • Horizon offers over 1,700 downloadable color illustrations of home styles, construction details, etc. Home inspectors can use these JPEG images for their reports and to help clients better understand their home inspections results.
  • Users can add photos to data items from a mobile device or tablet. After the photos are added, the app automatically resizes, syncs, and integrates those photos into the inspection report.

Horizon pricing

  • Priced at $395 for the first year for one user. Includes web and mobile apps, scheduling, archiving, free support, and updates.
  • $69 per month after the first year. No additional costs for new updates, mobile apps, tech support, or cloud backups.

Horizon comparisons

You can compare Horizon to other home inspection solutions by checking out GetApp's Horizon alternatives page.


Inspection report template view on InspectIT (Source: GetApp)

InspectIt by AHIT is mobile-only home inspection reporting software that allows users to create and deliver inspection reports from any mobile device or tablet. It's compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Some of the tool's key features include:

  • Home inspection report templates: Report templates for creating personalized inspection reports for different types of inspections, branded for the user's business.
  • Photo uploads and editing: Edit and upload images to an inspection report using a mobile device.
  • Predefined and custom comments: Add predefined comments to the report in a single click or add custom comments.
  • Onsite delivery of inspection report: Instantly generate and access a home inspection report and share it in PDF format via email from a mobile device.

In addition to the above features, InspectIT also offers a business management package (cloud service) that allows users to sync data across all licensed devices, back up data to the cloud, share reports with other users and clients, and integrate reports with ISN (Inspection Support Network). The package includes a scheduler and fee calculator, as well as built-in templates for ancillary services (four-point, wind mitigation, radon, etc.)

What makes InspectIt unique?

  • InspectIt is an entirely mobile app with no desktop computer needed.
  • The software is free and open source
  • The tool works offline as well, allowing allows users to conduct inspections without internet connectivity. There is automatic data sync and cloud backup once connectivity is restored.

InspectIT pricing

  • Free download. The tool comes with free maintenance, free automatic software updates, and free unlimited technical support for one year.
  • After one year, there is an optional $9.95 per month maintenance fee.

InspectIT comparisons

You can compare InspectIT to other home inspection solutions by checking out GetApp's InspectIT alternatives.

Let us help you make a decision

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