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GooodJob Review — Turn Your Employees Into Recruiters

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 11 February 2013

logo2With the unemployment rate so high, you would think that finding good employees would be easy. Unfortunately you still have to interview many candiates you find one who fits the position properly.

In this GooodJob review, we will explore how GooodJob Mobile, the new referrals app from GooodJob, makes it simple for your current employees to refer new employees through your employee referral program. Most of the time the best employees are recommended by current employees. An employee would not want to recommend someone who would do a bad job - nor would an employee want to recommend a friend to a bad job!

Let's learn how you can benefit from this cool recruitment app.

Social Media and Recruiting

Everyone is connecting online; social media is the new way of keeping up with your friends. And GooodJob Mobile is the social media app for your company's recruiting department. With it, employees can stay connected to your referral program even when they are outside of the office. They can refer your open positions to their Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter social media connections, and send candidate leads directly to your recruitment team.

Everyone Can Use Good Help

Mobile is a great way to source top talent. Even if you only need temporary or part-time help, you can get it easily when your employees can seamlessly refer candidates for your jobs, whenever and wherever they are. This handy tool is also a way to keep workers motivated to stay involved in your referral program. It tracks which employee referred which candidate, so that your recruitment team has a bigger picture of employee participation. In addition, employees automatically receive e-mail notifications alerting them to their referrals' progress. All of this is done to show continuous appreciation to employees, and to acknowledge their efforts.

Simplify the Hiring Process

When you need help you often do not have the time to advertise, wait on applications, review the applications, interview and then finally decide who to hire. GooodJob Mobile simplifies the whole process. Employees can refer all jobs or a specific job to their social media connections or e-mail contacts; candidates can apply directly via the link with a resume or LinkedIn profile. Additionally, employees can refer leads from the app in seconds, with just a candidate name and contact details.

The referrals' information is sent to the recruitment team, and then can be interviewed or contacted for more information.

The Basics: What Does it Look Like?

Everything about GooodJob Mobile was designed to be simple and easy. Employees can access it on their mobile devices anywhere. Due to this, if they are out to dinner and happen to meet someone who would be a good fit for the company, they make a referral right then and there.

Mobile App View That Lets Potential Workers See All Jobs


Super Easy To Share Across Social Media Channels and in Email


Completely Personalized For Your Company


Employees Can Send Leads Via Mobile App Easily


What Makes GooodJob so Good?

Part of running a business is making sure you have enough workers and that they stay motivated. Using GooodJob not only keeps your company supplied with needed referrals, but it also gives your workers a chance to feel like they are doing something that is appreciated. It gives them the push to get involved - and stay involved - in your referral program.

Will it Fit your Budget?

A better question would be can you afford not to use GooodJob? You pay for the app monthly, a flat rate no matter how many applications or referrals you receive in the month. The only downside is if you have no regular hiring needs.

Having been a director of a preschool in the past, I can see a great benefit to having this type of application to use for the preschool. We needed to continuously interview, hire and train new employees. Our best teachers always came from recommendations from people who worked there. This app would have kept us supplied with a constant influx of new people to put through the hiring process.

Is It For You?

GooodJob is for any business that needs to hire people on a continuous basis. To see just how much you can benefit from it, take advantage of the free demo. It only takes a few minutes to get everything set up and working. You'll see how much help it can be in just a day or two.

Ratings: ease of use 4/5, features 4/5, value 4/5 and ease of deployment 4/5


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