25 Great Small Business Apps for Productivity

25 Great Small Business Apps for Productivity

by Christophe Primault
Published on 6 December 2011

The list of available small business apps is growing longer by the day, thanks in large part to an increasing number of developers using cloud computing. IDC analyst firm predicts that in 2012, 80% of new commercial business apps will be deployed on cloud platforms!

As small business-ready applications continue to roll out and mature, the range of productive uses for these apps is rapidly expanding.

We are sharing in this post a list of great productivity apps that cover a variety of business functions including CRM, project management, accounting, customer support, marketing automation, human ressources, document management, billing and e-commerce.

Go social and mobile

One common denominator of these apps is that they foster collaboration across staff, partners, prospects, industry influencers or customers and therefore drive better productivity and bottom-line results.

A notable additional benefit with web business apps is that most of them are now optimized for smart phones and tablets. Whether you are looking for an iPhone or iPad business app or you need a productivity app for Android, vendors are making sure that you can conduct your business from your favorite device.

Small business owners can tap into the social and mobile capabilities of this new breed of web apps to transform their companies into more agile and more productive social businesses.

From startups to large enterprises

No doubt the evolutionary cycle of these apps is still in its early stage, but these apps are already seeing massive adoption by businesses of all sizes. Startups launch and use cloud apps almost exclusively and even larger companies are using cloud apps options to deploy non-mission-critical new apps.

Thanks to the hundreds of thousands companies that have been using GetApp.com this year to discover new web apps, we can share with you a list of :

25 great productivity-minded apps

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