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Be Awesome: Customize and Promote in Social Media — a Review of GroSocial

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 18 October 2012

GroSocial ReviewManage your social media with new flair. Small business owners use social media with the intent of improving customer relationships, expanding their brand, and ultimately getting more customers. But, it can take a lot of time, effort and skill. Graphic design, writing, and business knowledge are all required to create a successful social media campaign.

Today, I will review a fabulous, life changing, cloud-based utility application called GroSocial.

Breathe Life Into Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Without customization Facebook and Twitter Pages just look boring. They're the same as everyone else's. Customization can make all the difference, but it requires time and skill, (or an entire staff) that some of us just do not have.

GroSocial teaches you exactly what to do, giving you the tools to do it, to make your Facebook and Twitter Pages as unique as possible. Plus, GroSocial gives you the tools to start prompting right away, integrating Facebook and Twitter immediately.

You'll be able to create Facebook tabs, timeline covers, Twitter backgrounds as well as manage the content on each in an expert manner efficiently, all from your GroSocial account. These features can allow you to get new followers and "likes" as well as help you get new signups for your email lists, just by clicking a few buttons.

Small Business Managers Need GroSocial To Grow

If you're a small business owner, manager, or freelancer GroSocial is software that is made for you. The best way to grow your business today is via relationship building, and what better relationship building tools do we have today than Facebook and Twitter. Everyone is using both, from small business owners, to big business moguls, to politicians. You need to be using them too if you're serious about building your business.

Every business needs a Facebook Page and a Twitter because that is where their customers and potential customers are today. If you're busy, or just confused about how to use GroSocial properly, you can even get expert help setting up your account. GroSocial can help your business create and maintain its unique voice in the crowd, plus make your reach that much bigger.

Boost Your Social Media Presence Using Powerful Features

Create Facebook Tabs, Timeline Covers, Twitter Backgrounds, and manage your content for each from your Launchpad on GroSocial. Each click on a topic will open a new area where you can choose a theme type, and then choose a theme.

It's also possible to choose a blank canvas so that you can create your own theme. Any theme can be edited using widgets and settings. And, Live Help is available during normal business hours. If they're not available you can always contact an expert to get help with any of the features.

Create email sign up forms, contact forms, contest entry forms and more with GroSocial with just a few clicks. GroSocial seeks partnerships with other platforms to help you make the most of your social media. Build your email list, plan events, and simply do more all from the Launchpad with no expert coding experience, or no more knowledge than it takes to start a Facebook page or a Twitter account.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

When you first sign on you'll see that GroSocial has a very pleasant look and feel to it. With bold colors, and large clickable areas so that you don't accidentally miss any of the features. Once you have signed up you'll be able to access your Launchpad.

GroSocial Review

Once you're inside the Launchpad you can choose what you want to do next by clicking on any of the choices. It's very clear what you can do. There is even a block that gives you access to weekly social media training via GoTowebinar. From your Launchpad you can do everything with GroSocial.

When you click through you then get another screen that is also just as clear. Simply by looking, you can intuitively choose what is the right action to take next. Below I clicked on the Twitter backgrounds icon from above.

GroSocial Review

From here I can create a new Twitter background by clicking create new twitter background.

GroSocial Review

As you see, the system tells you what to do. So, it's not hard to learn even though it does so much. This is only the Titter background feature. But each feature from the Launchpad is just as simple to understand and implement. So often a new software is introduced that is supposed to help but it only makes it harder. But, with GroSocial, this cloud based software makes growing your social media simple.

So Many Features, So Little Time

GroSocial has so many features that you can easily become confused trying to figure them out all at once. The best thing to do is try out one task from the Launchpad at a time so that you don't get bogged down in the details of so many activities that you can do with GroSocial, and run away from overwhelm.

Imagine being able to easily, right from the Launchpad on your GroSocial account to add in such incentives as a promotion only for people who have just liked your page. On GroSocial this is called "Like" to Reveal and is a very powerful way to get new "likes" on Facebook.

In addition, you will be able to get content ideas from the content management area of the Launchpad based on your search terms, and the current discussions on your Facebook page, or you can perform a custom search by adding a #hashtag or search term to get even more content ideas.

Probably, the best course of action is to try building a Twitter background or Facebook tab first, and once you've conquered that, move on to another feature. You'll soon realize how simple it is to add tabs to your Facebook page such as a contact form, contests, promotions and even more fun features to your Facebook pages. What's more, you'll have fun doing it too, because it truly is very simple. However, know this: GroSocial is about so much more than backgrounds. It is a powerful social media management application that allows you to easily create professional looking promotions that get results, as easily as you will create that Twitter background!

Will It Fit Your Budget?

It's free to try for 30 days. When you are ready to upgrade the price is reasonable for any small business and varies based on the number of Pages you want to use GroSocial with. You must have a credit card, as they don't take PayPal.

Is It For You?

If you want to empower yourself to conquer social media, once and for all then I highly recommend that you try GroSocial. It works as advertised, and is a very powerful addition to your social media arsenal. GroSocial does so many things that it would be difficult to properly cover them on in the space allowed for this review.

If you want to improve the speed at which you get your social media marketing campaigns launched, trust me, GroSocial is for you. So, since it has a 30 day free trial I highly recommend you try it. I cannot give a high enough rating to this cloud-based application.