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Grow Your Small Business Lean and Smart

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 16 May 2012

The last three weeks has been full of exciting reviews of innovative cloud-based applications, great interviews with experts, and tips to help you run your small business that can't help but make you more successful. We've shared how important it is to research any software provider, cloud-based or not, before purchasing to ensure the safety of our data.

We have also learned about developing lean small businesses because being lean is an imperative in today's financial climate. Then we learned why we might want to mix community development and business in a new way by incorporating the cloud.

If You Missed Any Of That, Here's A Roundup

  1. How To Know If Your Cloud Apps Provider Is Going Belly-up?- A very important blog post by Christophe Primault regarding the importance of researching cloud app providers before choosing. If you do your due diligence you'll lower your risk when working with any company, not just cloud-based providers.

  2. Three Interesting Ideas to Create Lean Small Businesses - Rakesh Sharma wrote an excellent piece about creating lean businesses. The cloud is responsible for many start-ups and older businesses being innovative and saving money at the same time.

  3. Essential Tips To Grow A Successful Community: A Talk With Brian Rice - If you missed this interview, by Paola, then you have to go back and read it, especially if you're interested in creating a community around your small business. The concept of creating a community surrounding your business isn't really new, but now it can be done in new and exciting ways, in the cloud.

  4. The Top Reviews of May So Far - We've reviewed several cloud based applications this month, and if you've not looked at them, here is your chance to see the top reviews of the month so far. From accounting software, to CRM software to simply awesome online survey apps we have you covered.

Is there anything about cloud-computing that you'd enjoy learning more about? Let us know.