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A Great App That Helps Keep Everyone Organized — Review of Hello Scheduling

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 6 December 2012

hello scheduling reviewToday's technology has given us a number of ways to keep communications open between employee and employer, it can be quite confusing.

Using Hello Scheduling keeps everything in one place so there are no misunderstandings. When everyone is up-to-date with what is going on and organized, things get done much more efficiently.

No More Schedule Mix-ups

Unless your business runs on a 9 to 5, Monday through Friday schedule, keeping everyone informed of when they are supposed to be at work can be a nightmare. With Hello Scheduling, the schedule is kept online for everyone to see. There is no need to call the office to check when you work next or who is supposed to be working. The program can repeat a schedule for the next pay period if you want it to with ease.

Hello Scheduling Is Perfect For Any Business With Employees

It does not matter if you have two employees or 100; Hello Scheduling can help you keep track of the schedule. It not only keeps track of the work schedule, but will set up breaks and create payroll reports so you can track your labor costs.

Notify Employees Of Work Schedules Instantly

As a schedule is made or adjusted, it is sent to the people on it by email and text message. It stays online and accessible by all employees for the duration of the schedule. No one can say they did not know when they were supposed to work. The system keeps track of breaks and hors worked so doing payroll is easy.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

It is quite easy to see what is going on with a glance. The system uses color coding on a typical agenda page. Simple mouse clicks will have you adding to or changing the schedule as needed. It is easy to change the way the reports look too. Decide which fits your needs best and set them to be delivered that way.

Time Sheet View

hello scheduling review

Text Message View

hello scheduling review

Employee Break Calendar

hello scheduling review

Auto Schedule View

hello scheduling review

Communication Integration And Payroll Reports

Instead of having to go to a separate email system, Hello Scheduling allows you to send emails to any or all your employees or send them a text message without using your phone. All your communication needs can be handled from within the program. It also handles all your scheduling and payroll reporting. When an employee asks for time off, you can program it right away so you do not forget. Employees can request it in the system, giving you a chance to see what is going on at the time and approve or deny it. It is also possible for them to request a swap with another employee. Any time there is a change to the schedule you can receive a text message alerting you. If you are a small business, with less than 60 employees, you do not receive the payroll and time sheet sections.

Will It Fit Your Budget?

Hello Scheduling is billed according to how many employees you are scheduling. You do not have time sheets and payroll capabilities unless you have 60 employees or pay for that service. At 100 employees you have added phone support instead of only email support. The fees are monthly and are discounted if you pay for a whole year.

Is It For You?

Big corporations have a payroll department to handle payroll and managers and assistants to take care of scheduling. In most cases they also have a number of part-time employees ready to fill in when someone calls out or takes vacation so there is not overtime being paid. Hello Scheduling takes care of all the drone work involved with making sure you have enough people working and are not paying too much for payroll. It would be very helpful to any small business. Check out the free trial and see how much time and trouble it saves you.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 4/5, value 5/5 and ease of deployment 4/5