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How to Choose the Best Software for Your Budgeting Template

by Lauren Maffeo
Published on 6 December 2016

Did you sleep through your parents' pre-college lectures about budgets? If so, you might be in a pickle when you need to build your first small business budgeting template.

How to Choose the Best Software for Your Budgeting Template

A healthy cash flow lies behind every successful small business owner. But this doesn't happen overnight, or with "I'll spend less next month" excuses. It happens when a small business owner is honest about the expenses it will take to achieve their short and long term goals. Then, they create a budgeting template to track all of these expenses.

The challenge is that this can quickly feel like a minefield. The pen-and-paper/Excel options don't cut it for long. If you don't have a tool to help you see the big financial picture, your small business could soon be in the red.

This is where budgeting software plays a key role.

Think of budgeting software as Mint for business - it helps you create and stick to a spending plan. You'll feel like a rock star as you check off each fiscal milestone on your way to small business success. And managing your budget in the Cloud ensures that you'll have easy access to it wherever you are.

In lieu of (yet another) parental lecture, here's a checklist to help you find the best software to digitize your budgeting template:

How to Choose the Best Software for Your Budgeting Template

You can right-click on the checklist if you prefer to download and take it on the go.

What are some top-rated budgeting software options?

Here are some popular budgeting software tools to help start your search:

How can I learn more about budgeting software?

Read these reviews to learn what readers love - and loathe - about different budgeting software tools.

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