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Comparison of the Top Business Intelligence & Analytical Apps INFOGRAPHIC

by Christophe Primault
Published on 7 February 2013

"We have so much data but we don't know how to interpret it!" This is a situation that managers often complain about. The fact is that now IT can collect nearly every single bit of data you can imagine, which can bring to light very powerful realizations about your business, but if you don't have the right tools to convert this data into information that drives decision making, you're still left with a bunch of numbers. Excel has been the standard solution, but we have evolved way beyond the spreadsheet, and on the market there are now numerous tools with analytical and visualization functions that allows users to play with their data in a meaningful way. Business Intelligence Software is today an umbrella term for the processes, methods and measurements businesses use to easily analyze and understand information relevant to the past and current performance of the enterprise, and enable more informed decision making for the future.

Business Intelligence Infographic

This business intelligence software infographic seeks to compare the most important business intelligence and analytical cloud applications in an attempt to ease the decision making process small businesses need to go through when deciding upon a solution.

What Will You Find In This Infographic

The graphic explains the different functions that business intelligence and analytical apps cover, picturing the typical types of users that work with the apps, their functions, integration with important platforms, and verify your compatibility with the mobile delivery options available.

This infographic includes: Birst, SAP BusinessObjects Mobile, Yellowfin, Zoho Reports, Tableau Software, Bime, Trackerbird Software Analytics, Jaspersoft BI Suite, Pentaho Business Analytics, Yurbi

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Apps mentioned in this article

Zoho Reports
  • · No downloads/installs. Web-based access from anywhere
  • · Upload data from spreadsheets, databases & Google Docs
  • · Easy to Adopt 'Spreadsheet-like' Interface
  • · Drag-and-drop based report and dashboard creation
Visit Website
Zoho ReportsBusiness Intelligence & Analytics
BIME by Zendesk
  • · 65+ pre-built data connectors
  • · 25+ visualization styles
  • · Interactive and shareable dashboards
  • · Drap-and-drop data joins—no SQL required
Visit Website
BIME by ZendeskBusiness Intelligence & Analytics
  • · Comprehensive, integrated BI platform
  • · Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)
  • · Data warehouses created on the fly
  • · Full reporting engine, with pixel perfect reporting
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BirstBusiness Intelligence & Analytics
  • · Reporting & Dashboard
  • · Data Analytics
  • · Analytics
  • · BPM
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YellowfinBusiness Intelligence & Analytics
Tableau Software
  • · Create "no-code" data queries
  • · Patented technology from Stanford University
  • · Translate queries to visualizations
  • · Toggle view and drag-and-drop
Learn More
Tableau SoftwareBusiness Intelligence & Analytics
  • · Reporting & Dashboard
  • · Data Analytics
  • · Analytics
  • · Business Intelligence
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TrackerbirdBusiness Intelligence & Analytics
  • · Reporting & dashboard
  • · Data integration
  • · Data analytics
  • · Business Intelligence
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JaspersoftBusiness Intelligence & Analytics
  • · Reporting
  • · Business analytics
  • · Data analytics
  • · Business intelligence
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PentahoBusiness Intelligence & Analytics
  • · Dashboards
  • · Codeless Report Building
  • · Self-Service BI
  • · Scheduling and Delivery
Learn More
YurbiBusiness Intelligence & Analytics


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