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Infographic Which CRM or Social CRM App Do You Need for Your Business?

by Christophe Primault
Published on 22 February 2012

We are pleased to introduce our second infographic, after our first one on the Top 25 Project Management Apps, highlighting some of the most important Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Social CRM (SCRM) applications.

CRM apps help businesses manage better customer relationships. CRM tools track all customer information in a database and allow you to input all interactions to better understand your customer needs.

CRM Apps and Social CRM Apps - Infographic

SCRM solutions provide, apart from customer management, the ability of interaction among all users and integrate customer-driven dynamic channels such as social networks.

In this post we explain how we have chosen the 28 solutions to be featured in this infographic and we share with you critical information to help you compare CRM and SCRM apps.

Check out the important decision factors required for choosing such applications, so that you can decide which one is the best for your business needs.

Which Solutions Have Been Included?

We focused exclusively on Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM and SCRM apps which means these solutions can be accessed online.

The selection of 28 solutions chosen for this infographic were based on the size and age of the company developing the product, popularity of the apps, social media presence, ease of integration, trust factors and mobile applications availability.

We consider these solutions to be among the most important of the CRM and SCRM categories, but it does not mean they are the "best" solutions.

To help you understand if an app falls in the CRM or SCRM category, we have included short descriptions of the main function of these apps and have created a "Kingdom of Customer Relation" where you can see each application on a landscape of traditional CRM and Social CRM.

We always recommend to users to conduct a thorough research effort when evaluating business apps. Eventually your research should lead you to a short list of two or three options and from there you can test the products using free trials prior to making your final choice.

What Data and Criteria Were Used?

We have collected a lot of information about all of the contenders. All the data points we have been using to build this list are available in the public domain:

  • Alexa and Compete ranks
  • Number of queries in Google per month for the product name
  • Number of followers in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Availability of the solution in the Google Apps Marketplace, AppeXchange or Intuit Marketplace
  • Mention of an open API option on website
  • Third party security or privacy seals such as TRUSTe and others
  • Number of employees
  • Availability of iOS and Android apps
  • Complete price plan available on website (we excluded products that did not)

Have We Missed Some Vendors?

Yes we have and we encourage vendors of apps that have been missed to leave a comment describing the benefits of their solutions.

This a guide to help businesses considering subscribing to a CRM or SCRM service rather than a popularity contest. There are many more solutions available and we encourage you to visit our online CRM and Social CRM categories for a more comprehensive list of over 200 apps.

We will update this infographic so please let us know if you are…

  • a vendor not represented in this infographic or not listed in our marketplace
  • a user of a great solution that you believe should have made it on the list
  • someone with ideas about other important indicators (and you know where to find the information!)
  • find that your product misrepresented

Please contact us, we want to know about it.

Follow this link to see the infographic online :

The Most Important Online CRM and Social CRM Apps