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How Small Business Marketers Can Use Infographics

by Christophe Primault
Published on 7 December 2011

You need to visualize data in an interesting way? You want to summarize a topic full of numbers and facts? A picture can be worth a thousand of words and it is the moment to create your first infographic. Infographics blend text and images in such a way that people can capture a great amount of reader-friendly information very quickly. The easier it is to understand something, the more fun readers will have consuming your information.

In this post we share tips and give information about web content tools for online marketers.

Why online marketers should care about infographics

There is a huge buzz around this form of visual representation of information and the search volume for "infographic" has been rising steeply in the last couple of years. Small business marketers can do a lot with infographics, and these are common ways of getting the best out of them:

Link bait: The work of getting high-quality links to your website pays off because it does not only result in more traffic but also are an important part of search engine algorithms and your SERP ranking. If your aim is to attract links, you need to provide sharable content. That sounds quite logic. Your solution: Infographics, they are made to be shared! Either through social buttons or the provided embeddable code so you can use the infographic for your own blog. Check out Twitter and search for "infographic". You will see uncountable Tweets and Retweets of these fancy snippets of information. Imagine it was your graphic, wouldn't that be great?

Email promotion: Infographics can be addictive. Once you have started an infographic you want to discover it until the end. Take advantage of this and include a segment of the graphic into your newsletter with a link to the full image on your website. This is an easy way to get more traffic, buyers or fans.

Bookmarking sites: StumbleUpon, Delicious or Digg will expose your infographic to a huge audience. If your graphic is well done, it will spread like a wildfire. In the meantime you can lean back and work on your next marketing strategy.

Deconstruct your infographic for other channels: Make sure that you exploit as many marketing channels as possible and create a screencast video of the graphic that you can upload on YouTube or work on a PowerPoint presentation that you can upload on Slideshare orDocstoc. In fact, consuming information visually - not only in form of infographics - is an excellent marketing tactic.

Discover the best tools for designing infographics

Check out this list of the best tools and tutorials for designing and getting started with infographics:

- Zoho Show is a web-based application which makes it very easy to create great visual presentations that will impress your audience. You can modify your elements with effects like shadows and reflections in only a few clicks.

Wordle: Create visual clouds with text that you enter. Enter complete books or simple phrases, you will like what comes out.

Inkscape: This is a graphic software which lets you create your overall infographic in a simple and intuitive way.

Hohli is a simple chart maker that transforms your data into eye-catching charts.

Stat Planet lets you design interactive visualizations, which you can also use later as a static image.

Vector tuts+ offers a great tutorial to for designing Infographics with Adobe Illustrator CS4 This is my favourite website around Infographics. You can discover and rate awesome Infographics and as well upload your own graphics. They are also cooking labs, a tool to create graphics which will be released very soon.

These tools are all free, so if you are a small business and you don't have the budget to hire a designer, you should definitely make use of them. Once you have done your first 'eye-candy', it will soon become a recurrent strategy for your blog or newsletter.

You can also review and compare other marketing apps that are truly useful to small business marketers.


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