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Interview for Comindware, Team Collaboration Means Better Communication

by Jennifer Riggins
Published on 19 May 2014


Project Management Software is no doubt GetApp's biggest category. Why? Well, for one thing, the more we have tools that automate processes and allow people to work from anywhere in the world, the more we actually need tools to help us communicate better. That's why Max Tsypliaev founded and created Comindware Project as a project management tool and collaboration platform uniquely focused on using data as an essential building block for teamwork. Let's jump right into the interview to learn why Max because an entrepreneur, what makes Comindware different and how you can improve your team's collaboration!

Why did you start your business?

It started with an idea or rather a realization of a huge gap in how businesses are run today. This appeared as an interesting challenge to solve. Basically, all that is out there for a business is managing tasks, processes and projects - and across them - team communication. We looked at the market and the existing solutions and could not find any that would fit. We started with building a platform for collaboration and also took a radically new approach at how data is managed to come up with an innovative Elastic Data technology. These became the two main building blocks for further product development.

Share your story with us. What were your triumphs and challenges overcome?

The challenge and triumph was all in one. We were doing something that was completely new for the market so the actual development of the new product was inadvertently difficult. At the same time, when we found our "path" it was also a great reward for us to receive a satisfied review from our customers. The fact is that due to our products the companies are able to increase their productivity and work efficiency up to 50%, inadvertently leading to a rise in our clients profits.

What problem does your SaaS solve?

Our project management solution : Comindware Project is aimed at enhancing project management experience for both skilled and «accidental» Project Managers and brings professional functional capabilities coupled with great ease of use. It helps plan and execute projects as well as allows for true team collaboration in the context of work.

What makes your SaaS solution stand out from the competition?

Comindware Project is unique in terms of the functional scope - features such as Priority-based Planning or Predictive Gantt Chart are unique solutions for our market. Our product is the only project management solution that is built on top of a pre-integrated collaborative platform - Comindware Team Network that serves as an enterprise social collaborative network and allows for project teams to communication on and across their tasks.


What do you think is your customers' favorite part of your solution?

In terms of our newest product Comindware Project, our customers really enjoy automated planning. They are especially satisfied with this feature as it allows project managers to plan projects in advance and predict possible changes in project deadline changes. The other part that our customers truly value is the ability to reward their employees with awards. This adds an engagement part to the system and builds into the current popular concept of gamification. Finally, our user interface has been universally recognized as highly intuitive and easy to adopt.

What's your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

The excitement comes from identifying the highest market demand and providing the right solution.

Is there any advice you'd like to offer to other entrepreneurs?

When setting out to build a company you should always have efficiency in mind while finding the right people for the right roles.

Which other tech company do you most admire and why?

I will probably sound cliche but the company that I really look up at is Apple. Apple's ability to continually develop innovative products is truly astounding.

What's one key trend you see emerging in your industry?

As the world is further becoming digitalized business is changing its focus to people and knowledge. Human capital is becoming the most valuable business asset. Therefore, the products that are geared toward improving the effectiveness and efficiency of people become more valuable day by day. Our product Comindware Project is aimed at solving exactly these industry problems.


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