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"Businesses Are Beginning to See the Importance of Engaging With Consumers via Video” Interview With Sean Rosensteel, Co-Founder of Bravo

by Mila Nikolova
Published on 24 January 2014

Green target and arrow24 January 2014 - We asked Sean Rosensteel, Co-founder of Bravo, a few questions about his company and his view of the markets they serve.


GetApp: How would you describe your role in the company?

Sean Rosensteel: As Co-Founder and Head of Business Development, my role is to assist in the overall marketing strategy and to ensure the success of our agency reseller partners.

GetApp: How does your solution differentiate from the products and services offered by competitors?

Sean Rosensteel: Our solution is incredibly intuitive, easy to use and quick to adopt.

The latest release of Bravo was built with marketing teams in mind. Because marketing teams have multiple projects to manage and deadlines that are always quickly approaching, we wanted to build a robust yet intuitive way to launch user-generated video campaigns on-the-fly.

We also prioritize our customer support channels. Our typical response to a support ticket is within the hour, as we recognize the fact that when marketers are in the middle of creating a campaign, it's rather annoying when road blocks get in the way and tickets go unanswered for days at a time. We run into this with some of the vendors we work with, and it's a real momentum killer.

GetApp: Why do you think your customer buy from you?

Sean Rosensteel: The amount of features that Bravo can deliver is impressive. There's a tremendous amount of value in our product, and it's easy to scale in the event that one of our customers experiences immediate traction with their user-generated video campaigns.

What's more impressive is the reason customers stay with us. Not only is our support team readily available to assist, but we also have account managers who are dedicated to the success of our customers' initiatives. Our account managers have years of experience assisting with user-generated video campaigns, and they're dedicated to consulting our customers on better strategies for obtaining greater results.

GetApp: Can you mention some of your key clients?

Sean Rosensteel: We have some really incredible clients working with us. Pella, Indeed, Act-On Software and Texas A&M University, just to name a few.

GetApp: Which technology company do you most admire, and why?

Sean Rosensteel: I'm a big fan of MailChimp. They're an example of a technology company that truly offers a great value to their customers while providing impeccable support - not to mention that they share our same philosophy in minimalistic but powerful web-based software.

GetApp: What thought leaders do you pay attention when shaping your vision for the future in cloud computing?

Sean Rosensteel: We pay attention to dozens of thought leaders, and there's probably too many names to mention here. I will say that I've been very appreciative lately of the work that David Heinemeier Hansson has done over the last decade. For those of you who aren't familiar, he's a partner of Chicago-based technology company 37Signals and creator of Ruby on Rails. His vision of simplicity in software has been inspirational to us in designing, developing and releasing our latest version of Bravo earlier this month.

GetApp: What are the top three software tools you use for your business over the next year?

Sean Rosensteel: We use a combination of software tools to help our business. I'd have to say that the tools we use most are Hubspot (inbound marketing), Zendesk (customer support) and Highrise (CRM).

GetApp: What do you see as the key trend emerging in the industry?

Sean Rosensteel: I'd have to say that a key trend we're seeing is the adoption of user generated video creation by consumers and by the businesses who are creative enough to dream up these campaigns.

When we first launched our platform in 2011, user-generated video was at its infancy stage. It really took that special person to feel comfortable enough in front of a camera. Today, we're seeing consumers of all ages that are willing to create a video on a business's behalf, whether it's for a testimonial, product review or customer story.

Because of this shift in consumer behavior, I think more businesses, especially marketing departments within these businesses, are beginning to see the importance of engaging with consumers via video as a means of communication and feedback.

This increase in the adoption rate - for both consumers and businesses - is really exciting for us to see.

GetApp: What is THE most important message you feel you should get across to someone considering buying your solutions?

Sean Rosensteel: Bravo enables you to effortlessly capture video from customers, users and fans - right over the web. And our customer support team and account managers are here to help you, every step of the way.

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