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Interview With Treb Ryan, CEO and Co-Founder of OpSource

by Christophe Primault
Published on 15 June 2012

"We help SaaS companies to scale…"

We asked Treb Ryan, CEO and co-founder of OpSource, a few questions about his company and view of the markets they serve.

GETAPP.COM: Who are you and what is your role in the company?

RYAN: I am the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of OpSource.

GETAPP.COM: Can you briefly present your management team?

RYAN: John Rowell, our CTO and co-founder and I started OpSource back in 2002. John and I have a history of building and growing companies in the hosting industry. We started OpSource after our previous company, Sitesmith, was acquired. Prior to that, I was at GlobalCenter; John was at UUnet. The rest of our team has been in the SaaS or hosting industry for a long time. We understand what it takes to scale SaaS operations and launch new SaaS business.

GETAPP.COM: Are you a cloud or a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company?

RYAN: OpSource is a cloud and managed hosting provider with solutions for SaaS ISVs. We help SaaS companies to scale and bring products to market faster by taking on the responsibility of SaaS Operations. We have a team of sysadmins, database architects and admins, as well as network engineers that truly manage the delivery of your SaaS application to your clients.

GETAPP.COM: How do you promote usage of Cloud Computing?

RYAN: As one of the recognized leaders in the cloud computing industry, we continue to share our thoughts on the industry and market at conferences; however, our real focus is helping our clients and partners to leverage the cloud in their business.

GETAPP.COM: What are the points of difference of your solutions?

RYAN:OpSource provides solutions and services with the following benefits to our customers: - Easy to Use: OpSource provides an easy to use web-based user interface and a REST-based API.

  • Flexible: Flexibility and agility are critical to any business. Being able to scale up and scale down based on the demands of the business can be a challenge for CIOs and IT Managers. OpSource understands the importance of being flexible and works hard to ensure that we provide the right balance between relying on our standard offerings and also being willing to customize a solution.

  • Proven Expertise: Over the years, OpSource developed the technology, processes and systems to address many of the concerns that the cloud computing industry is dealing with today: security, control, performance and ease of integration. In 2009, OpSource launched the OpSource Cloud, a pay-as- you-go cloud hosting service that includes compute, network and storage. The OpSource Cloud leverages the same platform and technology that OpSource uses to support some of the most demanding SaaS applications such as Adobe, SAP Crystal Reports, Taleo and Xactly. The OpSource Cloud provides enterprise-class reliability, security, control and ease of integration.

  • High Performance: OpSource is committed to the success of our customers, whether they are testing a new application in the cloud or running a 24×7 mission-critical application. OpSource guarantees 100% availability on both its Managed Hosting and Cloud Hosting services.

  • Enterprise-ready: OpSource has developed standardized architectures and best practices that allow our customers to scale applications in the cloud. Our approach leverages nearly a decade of experience in managing the infrastructure and applications for some of the largest SaaS ISVs in the world. We've taken our best practices and standardized approach to develop solutions and services that are truly enterprise-ready.

GETAPP.COM: Can you mention some of your key clients?

RYAN: We serve hundreds of SaaS ISVs, including Adobe, CA, Taleo and Xactly.

GETAPP.COM: What do you see as the key trend emerging in the industry?

RYAN: In 2011, we saw wide-scale growth in the adoption of public cloud services, not to mention an explosion in providers marketing them. In particular, enterprises found that the public cloud model was especially beneficial in test and development environments, where the pay-as-you-go model realizes the cost savings quickly.

We are now seeing enterprise and SaaS ISVs adopt a hybrid cloud approach in which certain systems are hosted within a dedicated environment and other systems reside in a public cloud. This allows SaaS ISVs to leverage the flexibility and scalability benefits of a public cloud while leveraging their existing systems that might not yet be cloud-ready.

GETAPP.COM: What is THE most important message you feel you should get across to someone considering buying your solutions?

RYAN: Operating a SaaS business is difficult and takes experience to execute in an efficient and reliable manner. OpSource has helped numerous SaaS ISVs to reduce their cost of operations by up to 60% by leveraging its expertise, automation and systems and would love to help your company grow faster and improve profitability.

GETAPP.COM: Thanks for your time, Treb.

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