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Intuit Just Quickened Your Accounting

by Rakesh Sharma
Published on 22 October 2012

Count this as another strike for mobility.

Accounting software company Intuit has introduced support for a mobile app version of Quicken, their popular software, last week. The app enables small businesses to sync accounts between desktops and mobile devices such as phones and tablets. This feature enables small businesses to transact business anytime and anywhere.

Money Management App

The good news is that Intuit has not scrimped on features for the app. Quicken for Android offers the same features as the desktop application. Thus, you can view your finance and accounting details as well as analytics relating to the same. In addition, you can create alerts to notify yourself of activities or thresholds in your account.

What Are The Benefits For Small Business Owners ?

There are several benefits to having an accounting app for Quicken. Amongst the major ones are mobility due to easy synchronization between desktop and mobile apps. Most small businesses tend to overlook or underestimate this benefit because their businesses are stationary enterprises.

However, the importance of mobility becomes clear when you consider the ecosystem of technologies such as mobile credit card readers to payment systems that are being developed to support small businesses. A side benefit of the app is that your accounting data is duplicated across multiple devices, thus, removing the need for backups at your end.

The company has already made enhancements to Quicken this year. These include a spreadsheet-like grid view of a year's budget that enables you to make adjustments with the big picture in sight.

Given that most small businesses are wary of storing data on the cloud, the mobile app may be optional for some of them. This may especially be the case for small businesses that have already invested in Pocket Quicken, a software for handheld devices such as Palm Pilot.

Initial reviews of the app have highlighted issues. For example, some users have had problems with syncing between desktop clients and apps. In addition, there have been a number of force closes of the app. However, given Intuit's past record, these problems will probably be solved with future iterations of the app.

In the meanwhile, small businesses should definitely consider downloading the app and playing around with it.

Do you think the Quicken mobile app will make your money management faster? We would love to hear your opinion in the comments below.


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