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Simplify Your Quality Management System — Review of ISO Tracker

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 4 September 2012

ISO Tracker is a revolutionary hosted quality management software that gives you a variety of tools and features for ISO management. Unlike other ISO software programs, ISO Tracker makes it easier for you to maintain your ISO standards, it is cloud-based software with a strong Return on Investment (ROI) and is accessible from anywhere at any time with safe and secure storage of data. So whether you want to access ISO Tracker from your work desktop or while on a business trip, you can do it with ease.

Quality Management Tools With ISO Tracker

As a comprehensive quality management and document control software program, ISO Tracker provides many features and benefits. With ISO Tracker, you will have instant access to the program which provides tools for managing Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety systems as well as other Compliance Management systems. The system includes Document Control, Competency Testing, Customer Complaints, Audits, CAPA and more. ISO Tracker makes it easy for people of all skill levels to use, it is cloud-based so it can be accessed from any computer at any time and there is never a need to install anything. With daily back-ups it provides a safe and secure data repository.

Document Control

Document control is essential to an efficient quality management or compliance system. In growing organisations a manual and paper-based process for managing policies and control documents takes too much time, is costly to operate and potentially prone to mistakes. With an increasing amount of documents such as a quality manual, procedures, project plans, industry codes-of-practice, compliance records or regulatory filings, customer specifications and drawings, an effective document control software system provides a framework for efficient revision control of these important documents. Iso Tracker will also create a secure structure where access can be restricted and data protected through encryption and regular back-ups.

Customer Complaints

A great company is efficient in the way it handles, manages, responds to, and reports customer complaints. The ISO Tracker Complaints Management software provides a comprehensive solution for recording and managing complaints from customers and other important stakeholders. You will be able to track each complaint from recording and acceptance to investigation, reporting, resolution and closure - following the appropriate workflow process to ensure that nothing is left out.

The analytics and reporting capability of the Complaints Management System, will help Complaint Managers to identify trends and spot recurring problems thereby speeding up the Root Cause analysis process. Complaint Managers can also generate Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) requests to any user on the system whether it be an employee or a supplier who is provided access. Using the ISO Tracker complaint handling software solution a well-managed complaints process will convert into increased customer loyalty and more business, it also drives continuous improvement.

Audit Management

ISO Tracker simplifies the process of constructing, scheduling and running an audit. Its flexibility and ease of use means that unusual or complex audit can be set up logically and quickly.

Checklists can be easily constructed from scratch, prior audit checklists can be copied over or a pre-saved checklist can be selected. Audits can be performed on individuals, on departments, on processes or on suppliers. The ISO Tracker Audits module will schedule audits either as a one-off or they can be set to recur at regular intervals.

Competency Testing

The ISO Tracker Competency Testing module ensures that tests are run on an on-going basis and that training records are up-dated and available to the relevant members of staff.

Job Roles are identified, they are assigned competencies to which created tests that ask the relevant questions to identify the match with the required competencies are associated with. The Job Roles are then assigned to staff with access to the system. Creating and scheduling an Assessment for a specific individual is then easy. The results are automatically identified if the tests are of a multiple choice variety or require specific evaluation if the test is of an answer entry variety. Assessments in the form of observation can also be performed but in this case the Trainer enters the information. Completed Assessments are then re-scheduled.

Simplify Your Quality Management System

ISO Tracker has made the process of quality management easy for the most efficient results. You no longer need to stress over your critical processes because ISO Tracker offers updated processes that help you get the best quality possible. Furthermore, features like full document control give you benefits over and above the requirements of ISO. This includes being able to generate online folders and store documents in a safe place.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

ISO Tracker not only includes dozens of special tools and features, but the interface is very user-friendly and simple for people of all skill levels to use. Each user has a unique username & password combination with a lockout system if they enter the wrong password a specified number of times. Once you log in, you will arrive at the Summary page. The Summary page gives you a detailed summary of the tasks that you need to perform. These are listed on the relevant module tabs which include Documents, Complaints, Audits, Competency, Non-Conformance (NC), Corrective Action (CAR) and Preventive Action (PAR). You can access the different modules by clicking on the relevant module icon at the bottom and you can return to the Summary page by clicking on the Summary icon again at the bottom.

To add, view and delete documents, simply select the Documents icon. ISO Tracker makes it easy to create, edit and delete folders with tools such as Folder Properties, New Folders and Delete Folder. Documents can be viewed and created with the New Document, View All and Search icons. The editing and deleting of documents is available by going to each document's properties and using the Edit Properties, Checkout, Delete and Change Request features.

If you want to customize and view your audits, click on the Audits button at the bottom of the page. This gives you several categories including New Audit, Action Required, My Audits, All Audits, and Notifications. You will be given a list of audits that can also be sorted by Audit Number, Title, Auditor, Auditee, Date and Time, Status, and Properties.

Reasons to Buy ISO Tracker

ISO Tracker memberships include a wide variety of special features that will give you what you need for managing and organizing documents, audits, and notifications. It also is regularly updated to take into account compliance requirements as well as customer feedback. Features and benefits include having a reduction in admin time with better efficiency in your business, a simplified configuration process, no installation or hardware requirements, cloud-based program you can access anywhere, traceability of all your actions, email notifications, reminders of required tasks, and a secure infrastructure.

Will It Fit Your Budget?

ISO Tracker makes their system affordable for everyone by allowing you to customize your own membership. You will choose the type of package you want and select whichever modules and add-ons you want with your membership. Each module and add-on will have a different price which will be added automatically to your subscription total. The modules you can choose from are Document Control, Customer Complaints, Audits, Competency Testing and Equipment Monitoring. Add-Ons include SSL Encryption, Back-Up Disk, and Additional Storage

Is It For You?

If you're an administrator in charge of document control or are responsible for managing your company's Quality, Environmental or Health & Safety systems, then you can benefit from ISO Tracker. It is one of the leading software programs of its kind, with loads of features and helpful tools to make your business more efficient.

Ratings: ease of use 4/5, features 5/5, value 4/5 and ease of deployment 4/5


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