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A Comprehensive and Feature Rich Help Desk Tool -iuvoDesk Review

by Michele Nachum
Published on 4 January 2012

Help Desks - once only thought to be necessary for technical products - are now key to many products and services. As businesses, large and small, struggle for customers and market share, the ability to provide great versus adequate customer service is paramount.

iuvoDesk is an elegant solution in that it leaves no stone unturned in its help desk tool that caters to small to mid-sized businesses. iuvoDesk allows you to track and manage your customer tickets/help requests to ensure everyone is serviced in a timely manner. The solution can also store customer information and/or integrate with your existing CRM solution so that all customer data is centralized. In addition, iuvoDesk offers a forum to post helpful documents and media so that your customers can peruse information about your company while waiting for a live agent to contact them.

What Does It Look Like?

iuvoDesk has a sleek yet intuitive interface that allows you to roam through the solution and set up your help desk site quickly and easily. The ribbon at the top of the screen is composed of six basic tabs so that you don't get mired down in trying to figure out what to do to get started. Within each of these tabs, there are several options that will take you through the process and to ensure you are not leaving out important information or settings.

  • Dashboard
  • Channels
  • Knowledge Base
  • Agents
  • Billing
  • Settings


Dashboard and Settings:

Basically, your dashboard is your go-to place that outlines all of your recent help desk ticket requests so that you can ascertain which are in process, outstanding, and completed.

Settings is probably the most important tab when you first get started. Here you can input critical information about your company and graphically set up your help desk sight with logos and graphics so that your help desk is aligned with your business web site. In Settings you can also input macros - pre-written notes that can be generated automatically via email anytime a customer fills out a ticket request. In Settings you can add in your help desk agents and stipulate your ticket settings (such as canned responses, custom ticket fields, and more).

iuvoDesk does a nice job taking you through each of the settings and if you are unsure of the next steps, the solution provides a robust help and support section (which would be rather ironic if they didn't).

Help Desk Software Review


iuvoDesk provides your customers with several channels for help desk outreach. You can ask your customers to contact the help desk via phone, email, Twitter and Facebook as well as live chat.

If you find your inbox gets very full not only for help desk requests but your business and personal emails, you can actually integrate multiple email accounts and have them at the ready and centralized on iuvoDesk. I found this to be a very wise feature as you don't have to toggle between your email accounts - everything can be managed from one place.

In terms of the phone option, iuvoDesk allows you to create phone-based tickets free of charge. The system tracks calls and creates a ticket for each incoming call. Your agent can add notes, follow-up instructions, to each ticket and attach the ticket to the customer record.

Live chat is another important option that many businesses are implementing to help your customers quickly. The advantage of live chat is not just to help out a customer in a timely manner but to also ascertain what kinds of questions your customers are asking as well as get a sense of what your customers are thinking and how they are using your product. To enable live chat, you will have to cut and paste a widget onto your help desk site.

Help Desk Software Review

In addition to telephone and email, your customers can contact you via Twitter and Facebook. It's easy to set up and once you do, you can set parameters so that tweets, Facebook postings, or search results can be found and flagged . From there, iuvoDesk automatically creates a ticket and makes the data available to your team. This not only helps your customers who are contacting you via social media but it does offer a way to search out how your competitors are faring in cyberspace as well.

Knowledge Base:

This is a popular feature that many help desk applications have implemented of late. This tab allows you to attach helpful articles, FAQs, videos and other pertinent information to your help desk site. Unless you have a cadre of hundreds of agents present 24/7 - chances are you will not be able to help all your customers right away. Your hours of operation may be limited as well as your agent staffing. Providing customers with informative documents and other multi-media solutions, you are offering them another avenue to learn about your products while waiting for a help desk agent.

iuvoDesk also allows you a public/private function for any doc or media you load into the knowledge base tab. This means if there are certain documents meant strictly for your internal team, you can choose the privacy option.


Agents are at the heart of any good help desk app. In the Agents tab, you can add in all of your agents as well as stipulate which agent will field what type of request. For example, if you have an IT solution, you might want all requests for the small business solutions to go to agents A and B - and consumer related requests to Agents C and D.

Help Desk Software Review

Service Level Agreements (SLAs):

Service level agreements are important in the help desk universe as it offers a way to guarantee to customers that there are policies in place whenever they reach out to your help desk. SLAs are also a great strategy by which to manage your agents and ensure they are tending to your customers. iuvoDesk will help you create an SLA that you can live with and deliver.

Is it for you?

As far as help desk applications go, iuvoDesk offers a comprehensive and easy solution to create a manageable ticket system in order to juggle the multiple requests for help from your customers. The solution is flexible meaning you can take it as far as you like. You can hire on as many agents, stay open and available 24/7 - but the solution also helps you manage customer expectations when you might have only a handful agents and want your help desk open for only a set amount of hours in the day. The pricing scales nicely - with the first agent being free and any additional agents at $49 per month. The solution also provides a $1 seasonal or part time employees when you might be inclined to hire on additional agents during the holiday season.

Obviously help desks are not right for every business type, but for those companies that need a solution to manage, track and measure customer requests, iuvoDesk will not steer you wrong.

Ratings: ease of use 4.5/5, features 5/5, value 4/5 and ease of deployment 4/5