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KiSSFLOW Review – Keeping Google Apps Workflows Simple

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 1 March 2013

kissflow-logo-430x247This week we review KiSSFLOW that offers a streamlined option for managing for workflow. Creating and managing workflows can sometimes be frustrating but KiSSFLOW takes the work out of by offering a more simplified process.

They have created the first known business workflow application used with Google Apps to allow for an easy-to-follow workflow system.

The set-up and steps are easy to follow as are the approval processes. I reviewed this product previous, if you'd like to see that review click here. This is a follow up review to talk about the new changes and updates.

Simple Set-Up Process

The first thing you will notice with the KiSSFLOW method is that it is easy to get started. No downloading or installing is required and you get started right away with your Google App ID. The easy five step wizard will guide you through setting up your workflow and teaching you how to streamline the process; this saves you time and relieves frustration by automating your different tasks.

Workflow For Business Owners And Developers

Regardless of why you use Google Apps, the workflow process by KiSSFLOW is going to be advantageous for you. As a cloud-based application, everything is available at your fingertips from any electronic device. This includes immediate access to your apps along with spreadsheets, documents, budgets, expense claims and other important files. Please refer to the original review for more about KiSSFlOW but now let's talk about the updates.

Update: Real-Time Sync To Spreadsheets

KiSSFLOW now lets you automatically sync your updated workflow data to Google spreadsheets and is done in real-time. This is going to save users even more time and streamline the process even further. You can choose to export your workflow data to a spreadsheet of your choice for improved function. The spreadsheet allows you to analyze Google App data for an impressively easy workflow system. You can also increase a table within your spreadsheet that allows you to analyze and compare data from your workflow and expenses over time. Other charts are available on the Google spreadsheet, including pie charts, animated motion charts and line charts.

Update: New Masters And Users Look-Up Data

Among the recent updates to KiSSFLOW include the ability to look-up data and create masters data. This will let you assign different users as masters of workflow systems to better keep everything organized. Master data includes Vendor Master, Customer Master, Account Master, Item Master, and others. These can be created and imported easily with KiSSFLOW by granting permissions from your Google Apps marketplace and export the information to spreadsheets. Included is the new look-update within the Masters section of your workflow.

Update: Google Analytics Reports

KiSSFLOW is also now offering reports that let you utilize various methods of analytics in your workflow spreadsheets. Some of the reports include reports permissions, list reports, report aggregates, and export data. Reports are available for data within the last 12 months.

The Basics: What Does it Look Like?

KiSSFLOW not only makes creating and managing workflows more streamlined, but it is easy to use as well. The simple interface is easy even for someone brand-new to this type of workflow system. You will log in with your Google Apps ID and go through the wizard that helps you set up your account. Exporting to spreadsheets from your KiSSFLOW workflow is incredibly easy as you can see:

01 Integration with Google Spreadsheets

From the Masters tab, you will be able to access, view, edit or delete individual items quickly and easily.

02 Masters

Click on the Reports tab to view more in-depth information about each individual item within your workflow, including expense reports and other items to be managed.

03 Reports I

Will it Fit Your Budget?

With KiSSFLOW, you get to choose from three pricing plans including Free, Business and Enterprise. If you want to try out KiSSFLOW, you can start with the Free plan which includes up to 10 users and workflow processes. When you feel comfortable with the workflow and how it works, you can upgrade to the Business or Enterprise plans, all of which are affordable.

Is it For You?

KiSSFLOW makes it easy to manage your workflow as you use Google apps for the many benefits to your business. This lets you keep track of your workflow without learning complicated coding techniques. The newest updates to KiSSFLOW, including syncing to spreadsheets and having more user capabilities, make it that much more beneficial to business professionals and business owners.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 4/5, value 5/5 and ease of deployment 4/5


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