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LinkGard Review – Manage Work Processes Efficiently With Google Apps

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 19 February 2013

Imagine being able to collaborate in real time on group projects, share files, surf the web, send emails and chat all in one secure location?

Well, you can…with LinkGard's Google Apps offering, a way to manage all your work processes efficiently and effectively. Their full range of IT services include software development, information security, cloud computing, app management, and more.

As a Google Apps Authorized Reseller, the LinkGard team offers Google's convenient, cloud-based product, with full user training, product customization, and support to help you get the maximum benefits. And for a small business owner, I am impressed with how easy it is to use all the great features that Google Apps already offer. Let's see in this LinkGard review how this can be useful to you.

LinkGard Increases the Value of Google Apps

As a busy freelancer or business owner, time is precious. That means you need the convenience of an easy-to-access environment where you can process all your data securely. LinkGard is a leading SaaS firm providing on-demand IT and software solutions for today's modern business professional.

LinkGard was founded in 2004 by a team of information security experts to help the average business owner successfully manage product development, maintain secure data, and make the most of their IT investments. Their expertise and experience allows businesses to make use of Google Apps to the fullest, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that expert help - should you ever need it - is only a phone call or an email away.

Google Apps is Great for Independent Business Professionals On-the-go.

LinkGard is perfect for the small business owner, the freelancer, and the independent consultant working remotely. Why? It's managed completely via a web-enabled, cloud server that seamlessly integrates with the full lineup of Google's powerful business and personal apps. That means no coding or fancy installations needed. Just pure simplicity.

It is worth mentioning that Google Apps is also adopted by large businesses and Google has published customer stories about several large companies that have switched to Google Apps, including Roche Group (90,000 employees) and BBVA (110,000 employees). I would urge you to read the customer stories as they do a good job of explaining why larger companies made the switch to Google Apps.

Instead of logging into several products individually, or being forced to search for and install multiple apps on a mobile device, Google Apps gives you the necessary functionality to collaborate and communicate like never before. You just log in and voilà, you are ready to be productive

Why Buy Google Apps from LinkGard if I Can Get it all from Google?

Google Apps is not free anymore. There used to be a free version of Google Apps, but Google discontinued the free version of Google Apps recently. The package you can get from Google is already very compelling, so why LinkGard?

LinkGard provides the right Google Apps services, such as setup, deployment and migration.

I'd like you to consider LinkGard as a way to boost productivity and get more out of the apps you often forget you have access to. LinkGard offers more than just access to Google Apps; it offers high level IT services, software customization, on demand training, cloud server security, and more for just pennies compared to if you had to hire these specialties on your own.

The Basics: What Does it Look Like?

Log in view of LinkGard

FireShot Screen Capture #171 - 'Google Apps' - www_google_com_a_cpanel_linkgard-test1_com_UserHub

Quick and Easy Setup

FireShot Screen Capture #174 - 'Deploy Google Apps' - deployment_googleapps_com

Learning Center and Tutorials

FireShot Screen Capture #173 - 'Drive - Google Apps Learning Center v4' - learn_googleapps_com_drive

The Good and the Bad?

Google Apps, just like any other cloud based service, has its own unique pros and cons. Although, I would be replete if I didn't mention that I found it to be a very easy to use method of managing all my apps. But, in the spirit of being objective, here are some of the plusses and minuses of Google Apps to be aware of.


  • All in one application center that includes full IT services, security, and training.
  • Low cost for full IT support that any freelancer or small business pro can afford.
  • Easy to integrate all apps into one centrally-located web portal.
  • Accessible on the cloud, meaning can work from anywhere there is Internet.
  • Seamless migration of existing products to the LinkGard platform.
  • On demand, fully customized IT services from seasoned professionals.


  • May be too simplified for users who like all the "bells and whistles".
  • Cost of Google Apps might be a factor for a start-up business or freelancer.
  • Some features may not be needed, although they are standard with the service.

Will it Fit Your Budget?

For most single users or small teams, the cost of LinkGard is quite reasonable at just $50 per year, plus a charge per user. Keep in mind that this includes full access to all the Google Apps for Business services from day one. For this rate, a LinkGard customer gains access to not only the app portal, but also an introductory webinars, available with a minimum purchase requirement, that include advanced use of the applications.

Customers can request a quote for additional customization as needed, at standard development rates.

Is it For You?

LinkGard has created an impressive list of IT services, support, and development options in its key offerings. To decide if it's right for your needs, you need to ask yourself how often you're using the business apps and tools you have currently, and if you would like to get the maximum value out of them?

Businesses of any size can derive value from the 100% web based solution from Google.

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