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Hello, I Just Sent You One Billion Emails! – the Story Behind Mailjet´S Amazing Growth

by Christophe Primault
Published on 6 April 2012

When we wrote our first review of Mailjet a few months ago, we understood that this company was building something big but frankly we couldn't anticipate that they would enjoy such amazing growth.

Today we learned that Mailjet, one of the leading cloud emailing platforms, was approaching one billion emails sent!

One billion emails sounds like the worst nightmare for most of us, but certainly not for Mailet as it is allowing them to spread their wings from Belgium to the rest of Europe and the US.

Big Numbers, New Features And More To Come

Mailjet is a cloud-based emailing service that takes care of transactional emails for your business. It caters to email deliverability and provides detailed reports and tools to build emailing campaigns such as newsletters.

They are currently operating at tens of millions of emails each week from about 10,000 active users.

Since we reviewed their app a few months ago they released two new versions of the platform, always keeping in mind their promise of a "user-centered philosophy." It means more features and more simplicity at the same time.

One of the most interesting aspects of these new developments is the availability of an open API to engage an ecosystem of developers around the Mailjet core platform. The ability to integrate with other solutions such as online CRM software or eCommerce apps should further fuel their alreading surprising growth as marketers will now be able to leverage Mailjet with their own segmentation and targeting tools.

Going Global To Stay Close To Customers

Mailjet is also announcing that it will open offices in San Francisco, London, Berlin, Madrid ( we would have chosen Barcelona!) as the company sess these countries as strategic to their development. They kept busy in the last months making sure the platform is available in each of these countries languages and providing service to local customers.

As Mailjet's CEO Quentin Nickmans puts it, "We want to remain close to our customers. That's the Mailjet DNA: always close and always responsive. Our service isn't just a website."

This traction, these new features, the localization efforts and the development of a partners ecosystem only make an already interesting solution more attractive. These are good incentives for businesses to start doing proper email marketing and email management. Starting with us!

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