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How You Can Benefit From a Cloud Emailing Platform – Review of Mailjet

by Rakesh Sharma
Published on 8 November 2011

Did you check your Inbox this morning?

Chances are you have received at least some newsletters or daily deals emails in your Inbox. Most probably, these emails are personalized and offer attractive discounts or information about your areas of interest. For businesses, such emails are a cheap and cost-effective marketing strategy.

This week, we will look at Mailjet - a service that not only enables email marketing but also takes care of transactional emails for your business. We will look at its interface, features and see how it can be of use to you.


Co-founder Thibaud Elziere is not a stranger to entrepreneurship. He has already developed a stock photos market place, Fotolia, earlier. Elziere says he developed the service because he was looking for a cloud solution to deliver email for his websites.

According to its website, Mailjet improves deliverability, takes care of technical matters, and provides detailed reports and tools to build newsletters. In simple words, this means you can track delivery paths for your business emails and create newsletters using their WSYWIG (What you see is what you get) editor. Typically, this is the stuff of most email marketing software. However, Elziere clarifies Mailjet does more.

"We are real-time and deal with both email marketing and transactional email ," he says.

In case you are wondering about transactional email (as I did), here is a short primer:

Transactional emails are emails of records or transactions. For example, account confirmation, purchase confirmation and alert emails are transactional emails. Elziere says it is strategic to track them to ensure delivery, testing, and responses to these emails. According to Elziere, 20 percent such emails are lost. "An email not delivered is a prospect lost," he says. Elziere adds they have an intuitive and clean interface and are less expensive as compared to competitors.


Mailjet setup is a fairly simple task and consists of the following steps: configuring your outgoing mail server, editing and adding sender addresses in the mail application, and creating contact lists to send emails. You can begin sending transactional and marketing campaigns right after you are done with setup. I opted to test the latter.

Marketing campaign setup is a fairly simple process of adding contacts and elements such as pictures and text to your email. You can import your contacts through CVS and excel files. The process works differently for transactional emails. "You just change one parameter in your server and Mailjet will route and track all your emails," he says.

You can choose to send the campaign to select users or an entire domain. For example, you could choose to send the campaign to the entire yahoo domain or select contacts from your address book. You can also configure account preferences for notifications about emails and events or integrate the service into your email application. Once you are done sending emails, you can track and analyze email deliverability using mailjet's analytics feature.

An interesting feature of Mailjet is its emphasis on email security. The service offers dedicated IP addresses to send your email for silver account holders. In addition, the ReturnPath tool provides you with a real-time status update.

According to Elziere, this helps in reputation management. "When you send a lot of clean emails, you want to work on your reputation," he says.

Because they have a public API, the possibilities for customizing your use of the service are endless. Elziere gives the example of an e-commerce platform that can integrate mailjet to enable clients to send newsletters for select customers or track transactional emails for customer segments.


Perhaps, this is one of the strong points in the application. The interface is simple and clean. The dashboard consists of a horizontal panel for global navigation and separate panels below about analytics, real-time news feed and email stats. Quite clearly, the founders of this service have understood the importance of interface and workflow in their application. As a result, performing any task does not require more than four screens.


This might be one of the weak areas in this application. Support documentation is not upto the mark and the getting started guide simply consists of a series of technical instructions. The application has a video that provides an overview of it's features. However, there is nothing to explain specific functions. For example, it was relatively easy for me to understand email marketing campaigns.

However, I was not sure about the process to send transactional emails. It might be an idea to include individual videos that explain tasks.


As I mentioned at the start of this review, proper email marketing and email management is good value for money for small businesses. By adding a cloud based email infrastructure you will not only have an efficient marketing tool but you will eliminates all the headaches of maintaining your email servers. Knowing that MailJet is cost-effective solution, you have got a deal.


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