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Manage Goals & Objectives for Free — Review of Objectiveli

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 27 September 2012

Objectiveli LogoObjectiveli is a free service offered to individuals and professionals who are looking for a better way to organize goals and objectives. Objectiveli is a user-friendly program that lets you stay focused on your goals and objectives in order to improve your success. No longer will you need to use post-it reminders and spreadsheets, thanks to Objectiveli's web-based software. All of your goals and objectives are easily managed where you can keep them in sight at all times and drive outcomes rather than trying to manage.

Managing Goals And Objectives

The creators behind Objectiveli set out to improve the way goals are viewed, managed, and completed. They realized how much people try to manage in any given day, with a variety of post-it notes, to-do lists, and spreadsheets. It makes it difficult to focus on your goals when they aren't in one place. Objectiveli brings all of your goals and objectives together to one convenient cloud-based program. Rather than using spreadsheets or emails, their user-friendly web-based application lets you view all of your goals in one place, without the clutter of stacks of notes and post-its.

Assign Objectives And Add Teams

Not only will you be able to view all of your goals in one convenient place, but you can also align your objectives, and add team members to your group as well. When you create groups on Objectiveli, you choose who will be able to join your team and everyone in the team can view each other's goals and objectives. You can also use Objectiveli from any remote location as well as receiving updates via email. Assigning objectives is easy with Objectiveli as you are able to delegate different objectives and tasks to other team members with a simple tracking system.

Focus On Goals, Objectives, And Milestones

There are three main components to Objectiveli; goals, objectives and milestones. Each of these aspects will pave the way to focusing more on what needs to be done personally and professionally. By eliminating to-do lists, spreadsheets, and random notes, you not only have a convenient way to share your goals with others, but it allows you to focus on them more efficiently. Your goal will be an outline of something you want to achieve in the near or distant future while an objective is the outcome you want to achieve. Milestones act as markers for meeting your goals and ultimately reaching the objectives you set out to achieve.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

Signing up for Objectiveli only takes a couple short minutes, and once your information is submitted, you gain instant access. After logging in, you will reach the main page which shows you an overview of your current goals and objectives, a well as any unread updates if you have any. This page lets you change the view of goals, such as list view, hierarchy view, or map view. You can also access your group and teams as well as add new goals. As you will see, Objectiveli is very simple and straightforward, making it appropriate for any skill level to use.

objectiveli review

If you would like to add new goals, click the "Add a Goal" target in the middle of the page. You will then see a pop-up box with information for you to fill out. Choose a group, goal name, goal description, priority level from 1-3, and choose any observers or stakeholders you want to give permission to view this goal. You can also add an attachment to the goal by clicking the paper clip icon. Once you're finished, click the "Add Goal" button.

Objectiveli Review

You may also want to view your team, which is also called a group, and add members to your team. In your teams on Objectiveli, anyone can view your goals and you will be able to view theirs. To view your team, click on the "My Team" link at the top-right of the main screen. If you currently have team members, they will be listed here.

Objectiveli Review

To create a group with team members, click on the "New Group" button located at the bottom of your team page. You will then fill in the name of your new group and click on "Create Group." Once created, you can choose team members to add.

Objectiveli Review

Pros And Cons Of Objectiveli

In all honesty, the only real disadvantage to Objectiveli so far is that it is very simple. You won't find many additional tools and features others than setting goals and objectives and adding team members to your groups. However, there are so many benefits to using Objectiveli, this is hardly a disadvantage. With Objectiveli, it is easier to keep up with your goals and meet your objectives due to how easy it is to use and maintain. You can then focus on your desired outcomes, rather than having post-its and spreadsheets that don't give you much accountability.

Will It Fit Your Budget?

Objectiveli is currently free to use and try out, so it is affordable for everyone! There is no reason not to give it a try when you don't have to pay anything to try out their program. In the future with added features, you might see a monthly fee, but as of right now, you won't have to pay a cent.

Is It For You?

If you're someone who has goals in mind but never seems to meet those goals and objectives you set for yourself, Objectiveli can simplify the process for you. With the free, easy-to-use web-based program, there is really no reason why you shouldn't try it out and see if it works for you.

Ratings: ease of use 4/5, features 3/5, value 5/5 and ease of deployment 5/5


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