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Marketing Optimizer Review – Customer Relationship Management for Internet Marketers

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 17 April 2013

Marketing Optimizer (formerly AIMcrm) offers unique and powerful software and apps for customer relationship management (CRM). The software goes above and beyond the CRM you will find elsewhere, offering excellent tools, Internet marketing advice, automation software, up-to-date technology and the ability to capture and track customer relationship information with ease. As a freelancer who uses a CRM on a daily basis I was interested through this Marketing Optimizer review in seeing how it worked for myself.

CRM Offered by Internet Marketing Experts

Active Internet Marketing, a marketing consultant firm that has been around since 2001, offers Marketing Optimizer. Active Internet Marketing has over 15 years of marketing and advertising experience for small to medium-sized businesses offering many services for marketing. As experts in the field, they not only provide CRM applications that are state-of-the-art but other tools as well including web design, web development, search engine optimization (SEO) tools, pay-per-click advertising and more.

Small Biz or Large Marketing Optimizer Works!

Nearly every type and size of business uses some form of customer relationship management tools at some point. Marketing - Internet marketing specifically - is the key to your success in today's online marketing climate. Whether you have a bricks and mortar business, or you are strictly an Internet Marketer, you need a CRM devoted to your online marketing endeavors. Today, effectively managing customers is about having access to cloud-based software you can view and update from anywhere and get even more resources for improving your marketing strategies - Marketing Optimizer does that and more. They have a unique process called the "Active Internet Marketing Process" which includes exposing your business to future customers, converting visitors into leads, automatically nurturing your leads, gathering real-time data automatically, optimizing the data and focusing more on increasing sales.

Advanced Technology and Capabilities

Marketing Optimizer offers so many tools and capabilities that it would be impossible not to see why it is so beneficial to companies of all sizes and industries. You get automation for your marketing and sales force plus management of your employees and projects. You'll end up with excellent client satisfaction rates after using the software. The call center technology and user-friendly database training can't be beat. In addition, once you've set it all up, everything is also automated which makes it even easier for you.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

With Marketing Optimizer you get exactly what you need in a CRM. You get a database of prospects, clients, and all the tools to ensure you wind up with the best conversion rates you can get. You get the analytics, record keeping, and control that you want, plus some. Useful features such as task management tools are built right in to the software. This makes it simple to use Marketing Optimizer for every aspect of your marketing efforts. No need to set up a separate task software! So, let's get to how it looks. Very detailed campaign tracking at a glance!campaign Tracking And the awesome Task Manager!tasks By using all the features that Marketing Optimizer has, you'll be that much more likely to close your sales. You'll be able to keep track of every prospect or lead as it comes in, and every action you take with each and every lead. This will help multiple sales staff know best how to approach a particular prospect. You'll have more control than ever, and you'll close more deals than ever.

Benefits and Drawbacks

When you sign up for Marketing Optimizer, you will see that there are many benefits and advantages to their cloud-based software application. In the beginning, there is fast and unlimited training that is optional if you want to learn more about CRM and how their tools work. Everything is web-based which of course benefits you in the long run because it can be accessed from anywhere. It is great for a variety of industries as well as it can be customized but they say it's mostly for people with goods to sell, education, health care, manufacturing and professional services. The drawbacks are that you don't get access to a free trial, but a live demo is available. You will also not be given pricing information until you finish the demo and contact the company, but I can tell you that the pricing can be a road block for some smaller businesses or low revenue businesses.

Will It Fit Your Budget?

Pricing depends on your needs and the structure of your business. But the price is based per user, so if you have a large business it can become quite high.

Is It For You?

The free demo on Marketing Optimizer will let you see how the software works and give you reasons why you should try it out for yourself. Sign up for the demo and decide for yourself whether it will be useful for your business and ultimate success. If you need a lead management system/ client management system/ customer relationship management system (CRM) that has fabulous analytics, integration, automation and fabulous customer service then it's worth a try.

Ratings: ease of use 4/5, features 5/5, value 4/5 and ease of deployment 4/5


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