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Up to 60% OFF on Mavenlink´S Pro Plan

by Christophe Primault
Published on 13 April 2013

Who Should Be Interested In Mavenlink?Before you dive into this. Stop for a second.

Imagine. How would you feel working as an entrepreneur or a project manager in a small company and you could do file sharing, collaboration and task tracking with ease; you could be informed through a mobile application about time & expenses; or check the budget of your current project on the go.

No more hassle with forwarded or lost emails, no more app switching to send invoices…

Sounds like what you were looking for? This is why I would like to talk today about an application called Mavenlink.

Maybe you are already using a project management app that works pretty well for your organization.

That is great! But if you struggle with a high number of projects and sub-contractors working on the projects as well, then you should definitely keep on reading:

Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Designers & Consultants Go For Mavenlink

Mavenlink's largest verticals are marketing and design companies as well as marketing departments in larger businesses. Why? These companies typically have many projects, clients and sub-contractors working on complex projects with many deliverables and communications. Mavenlink is a good fit for this type of business because the product is designed to support all of these scenarios. The same applies to consulting businesses. They typically have clients and contractors, need to manage budgets and track their time, as well as invoice their clients on a monthly basis. Mavenlink has all of these capabilities.

In Mavenlink's Analyst Review by Eval Source it has been identified as a project management application that "caters to small to mid-sized businesses that use external contractors and service firms with 1-50 employees and subcontractors. The typical user would be an Owner, Managing Director, Controller, Project Manager, and Team Leads but the solution can also apply to anyone who needs to manage a project from inception to completion."

Mavenlink is also a good fit for organizations that don't have a formal project management office or a certified project manager and that are looking for a robust collaboration, time tracking, expense reporting, online payment execution, invoicing and currency localization in one tool.

The Mavenlink Discount

In the course of this research we have approached the guys from Mavenlink directly and they made us an offer that we couldn't refuse:

For all our readers who are interested in their Pro plan you can get the special discount of 60% by following this link: Save on Mavenlinks Pro Plan! This discount is exclusive for GetApp users, so don't let this change pass by.


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