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Medical Practice Management Software to Offer Care, Not Bureaucracy

by Jennifer Riggins
Published on 27 August 2014

Your medical practice or home care office no longer needs to have walls lined with inefficient, space-sucking filing systems. Heck, with the current medical practice management software available, you don't even need a desk or a desktop computer. You are able to run your medical care from anywhere, even your iPad, saving you time and money, while actually avoiding errors and ensuring compliance.

Today we go through field service management, medical billing, patient scheduling and more to help your doctors, nurses and staff work more effectively in less time!

Manage Home Care Invoicing and Scheduling from Anywhere

fieldez-field-service-management-logoWe spend a lot of time talking about field service management and workforce management in terms of those jobs that first come to mind when talking about jobs paid by the hour - lawn care, electricians, plumbers, wait staff - but we can't forget those that work in homes, hospitals or hospices. FieldEZ field service management software helps automate the scheduling, invoicing, dispatch and more for all of these jobs, as well as they offer EZCare, a tool with a special focus on helping you provide home care excellence.

You work in an industry that sees a lot of last minute, valid changes to schedules. With FieldEZ's iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and Java friendly app, you can manage real-time scheduling, monitoring and managing, whether you are a part-time nurse or manage a team of home caregivers that work from different sites at different times of day. Plus, since FieldEZ is built in the cloud, you don't need to worry about the cost of an on-site server or even running your business from a large office - you can do it from anywhere.

3 Reasons FieldEZ is Great for Home Care and Hospice Care:

  1. You need to focus on quality of care, not paperwork - and with each new government regulation, more just seems to pile up! Don't worry about getting distracted and forgetting to input critical data, now you can do it from anywhere.
  2. Your staff may include those who are partially retired and even volunteers, who may not be so tech savvy. FieldEZ EZCare is built with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, bringing the time spent on-boarding new staff down to a minimum.
  3. In your job, you often can't plan ahead. The FieldEZ scheduling tool was built with emergencies and unplanned visits in mind. Know which staff members are available and where they are located, so you can quickly but calmly respond to any unexpected schedule changes.

Mobile Patient Management System

Front Desk practice management system believes in the work-life balance, saying "Work Smart. Be Happy." How does it help doctors, nurses and staff do just that? By allowing you to spend less time on the administrative work and more time with patients and not working.

FrontDesk is a cloud-based tool focused on improving your patient processing flow, including appointment scheduling, patient records, and medical billing.

With Front Desk's patient scheduling software, you can replace the added cost of a receptionist with this automated tool, which allows you to communicate with both patients and referrers via SMS, email and mail outs. It even allows you and your patients to manage scheduling online.

3 Reasons Front Desk is Great for Patient Management:

  1. Customer support. Front Desk touts the highest level of technical and customer support available. This is essential when you want guarantees that not only your patients' records are secure, but that you can access them any time you need.
  2. Front Desk works rather like a CRM (client relationship management software.) It allows you to easily update and manage patient profiles and critical notes.
  3. It just gets it. You started a medical practice because you wanted to be a doctor and help people, not because of the thrill you get from paperwork. It streamlines that stuff, while letting you check into work and your patients from your smartphone, desktop or tablet, instead of leaving you chained to a desk.

Practice Management, Medical Billing and Electronic Health Record Software

NueMD-medical-billing-ehr-logoSee patients. Get paid. It's simple. Thus is NueMD medical billing, scheduling and electronic health record (EHR) software's promise. NueMD simply promises that you can see more patients in a day while working less, all built around harnessing the power of parallel processing to make more complicated processes simpler. Lord knows nothing can be as complicated and mind-boggling as medical rules and regulations, particularly when dealing with reimbursements.

Starting in university hospitals around the hospital, NueMD has been able to transfer what they learned to fulfill the need for smaller practices, doctors and staffs all to gain a greater understanding and control over their fiscal health, so they can focus on their patients' health. NueMD's medical billing software and electronic health records software automates documentation, ensuring compliance.

3 Reasons NueMD is Great for Medical Practices:

  1. NueMD is THE name in medical billing software. Geared for small to medium-sized practices, they guarantee to increase revenue by five percent in just two months by recouping outstanding claims in under a month, through customizability for your practice's use cases, and automating contract negotiation and credentials updating.
  2. NueMD offers customizable electronic health records (EHR) software, built to work with almost 100 different specialties, and then templates allow you to further tailor this EHR for your particular workflow.
  3. NueMD's practice management software allows you to streamline operations and reimbursement procedures in such a way that you can fit four more patients a month into your regular schedule.


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