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Comprehensive Tools to Manage Recruitment and Increase the Applicant Pool – Review of myStaffingPro

by Michele Nachum
Published on 4 December 2012

mystaffingpro reviewManaging multiple job posts and heavy-hitting recruitment efforts takes time and a serious amount of organization.

While some businesses prefer to manage their hiring process with endless Excel charts - in-the-cloud recruitment applications offer small to mid-sized (and even enterprise)-level companies automated solutions for managing recruitment from job posting to final offer (or rejection as the case may be). There are many HR products out there and the key is to find the right one that can enhance but not complicate your business model.

myStaffingPro is what I would call a robust "in-the-cloud" application for businesses that have to manage and recruit multiple new hires and require software to help them track the process efficiently.

myStaffingPro = Robust Features For Recruitment

myStaffingPro was designed by HR professionals who know their field and though I am not an HR professional - I immediately admired its "no stone is unturned" design. The application provides everything a business could want - from a "hiring portal" where business can create a true recruitment "careers" site to the integration of SEO tools to promote various job listings to job boards and increase the number of applicants. Through the career site, applicants can immediately apply and submit responses to pre-screening questions. Once started, you can immediately obtain their information in the system - and from there you have features for adding in interview questions, keeping tabs on the applicant's status as he or she goes through the hiring process, sending emails to managers to approve or disapprove the applicant and much more.

What I just mentioned was actually barely skimming the surface - as myStaffingPro is truly a deep dive solution for businesses with heavy hiring needs.

mystaffingpro review

What Does It Look Like?

MyStaffing Pro has a somewhat "busy" interface - there are a lot of tools at your disposal - but once you start to use it you will realize that the solution is not hard to wield but it does take some training for administrators and users of myStaffingPro to figure out all that it has to offer. I recommend that anyone attempting to use the product should take the demo as well as watch its videos (at 30 minutes for some they are a bit on the long side - but if you take it in doses it becomes easier to envision how you might use it.

I will also mention there is a "manager's user interface" that has a less complicated UI and is designed for busy executives to make quick decisions without being distracted by other data not relevant to them.


One key element of myStaffingPro is that it does have an excellent mobile interface so HR professionals and managers can use the application from any mobile device.

Another plus of the application is that myStaffingPro has a positive philosophy surrounding the job seekers. The program is designed to be "applicant" friendly and reminds recruiters to send timely correspondence to job seekers about their status and whether or not they have been hired or selected for an interview. myStaffingPro also encourages a "phased approach" to staffing. Rather than forcing applicants to submit their entire work histories up front - myStaffingPro guides users to utilize pre-screening questions that might weed out some and narrow down the pool. Later, if the applicant gets selected for an interview, the recruiter can collect a complete history via an application process.

Getting The Job Out There

Once a company signs on with myStaffingPro, they are given a Career or Jobs portal to populate with job openings. They can manage this portal from the dashboard or myMenu (see graphic above) that allows them the opportunity to create job requisitions, write out detailed descriptions and use keyword tags and other features to promote your positions through search engine optimization (SEO). myStaffingPro also offers free job board posting to Bright, Glassdoor, Indeed, SimplyHired, and Trovit in addition to job opening RSS feeds to publish openings and accept subscriptions.

Creating a job requisition is a straightforward process and myStaffingPro offers drop-down menus to help you not just create the opening but add in categories to help organize all the positions a company may have open.


Managing Applicants:

myStaffingPro offers quick ways for companies to consider or quickly disposition applicants right from the beginning. Your job portal can include not just a way for an applicant to send a resume as well as download it, but to offer up quick questions that can automatically weed out people not right for the position. These questions can range from "have you had experience with X" to "have you ever been convicted of a felony?" - and based on the answers you can set up processes to have the candidate scored appropriately and either sent to the next step or politely declined.

Once you have an applicant in the system - you can manage each applicant from recording interview notes to making sure all their paperwork is attached to their individual file in case multiple people need to interview them. You can also manage such items as EEO disclosure to make sure all the paperwork is done proficiently.


Premiere Product:

All levels of myStaffingPro come standard with features to manage both the job posting and interview process. For those that need advance features such as analytical tools for affirmative action compliance, deeper ad tracking tools, custom apbuilder, onboarding, and more, myStaffingPro offers also offers a premiere product.

Additional Features to Increase the Applicant Pool:

myStaffingPro has a number of tools recruiters can use to widen their applicant pool. For example, a company could upload and embed a company video into their application to entice job seekers to complete the online application process.

Other standard features include a robust reports tabs where you can print out a myriad of data to track the recruitment process.

Will It Fit Your Budget?

myStaffingPro is a robust application and as such, the pricing does reflect that. Compared to similar products, the pricing is in line and in some cases better. myStaffingPro also offers a free trial but prices range from the following: There is a one-time fee of $3,500.00 that includes implementation and training support by a dedicated Client Services Manager . If you sign up for a two-year contract you will get a $1,500.00 discount and a three year contract waives the $3500 fee.

Licensing fees will run you approximately $3,000 a year with full support of client services manager (this comes to $250.00 per month for the first user). Additional users are $600.00 per year ($50 per month).

These are some of the basic costs as myStaffingPro also budgets on a case by case basis - those with more users get discounts for example.

Is It For You?

myStaffingPro is for recruiters and companies that have heavy hiring needs. If you have a business that only hires a few people a year - I would say this solution is a bit on the robust side. Companies that open many jobs on a weekly or monthly basis will find the program has many useful and in some cases innovative features to manage your recruitment efforts. What I liked best was its attention to detail and its wide use of SEO tools to better promote out a company's job offerings to increase the applicant pool. This is the kind of product that will take some training to learn all of the tools - but it is well worth the effort.

Ratings: ease of use 4/5, features 5/5, value 4.5/5 and ease of deployment 5/5


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