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Nimble Review – Nurture Your Business Relationships

by Stephanie Miles
Published on 13 November 2013

Nimble Review - Take control of your client relationships

Relationships are built on communication. Nimble is a web-application that understands this concept, providing businesses with the tools they need to foster communication and engage with contacts across multiple channels. I found Nimble to be a social CRM platform unlike any other, as Nimble offers users a way to engage with clients and nurture potential leads efficiently and strategically.

In this Nimble review, I will describe the platform's most important capabilities in detail. Looking through the lens of the typical business user, I will offer my opinion on which features are most and least relevant. Based on my experience using the platform, I will offer my assessment as to whether businesses should consider switching from their current CRM systems to Nimble.

Nimble Review - About the Company

Digital communication channels like social media and email have made it easier than ever before for professionals to engage with clients and leads. Unfortunately, as the number of available channels continues to grow, important details tend to get lost in the shuffle. Information overload leads to a breakdown in communication, and ultimately results in missed sales opportunities.

The Nimble relationship management platform offers a cogent solution. By connecting your contacts from LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, email, calendars, and company databases in Nimble, professionals can ensure that important details don't fall through the cracks. Nimble automatically filters contacts and syncs individual details from several platforms.

Nimble review

Getting started

Main Functionality of Nimble

Every feature that Nimble provides has been put in place to work toward the goal of reducing information overload. The platform automatically filters the way you've connected with contacts and brings it all into a unified dashboard, where every piece of relevant data is locked in one place. Nimble connects multiple social networks, and offers add-on functionalities like activity management and social listening tools.

Using Nimble's contact management dashboard, you can send messages, add tasks, and download contact profiles for any client in your company's database. Quickly find a professional contact's social media pages. Review all your most recent correspondence (on social media and email) with clients to avoid redundancy when sending follow up responses. Nimble provides users with a unified inbox, where Twitter updates appear right alongside emails and LinkedIn notifications. Users can take action on important matters from within the Nimble platform, quickly scheduling events and creating tasks for colleagues to complete.

Quickly scan a client's recent tweets and blog posts before sending a project status update, making sure to reference any recent milestones (like an engagement or birthday). These personal touches help professionals show interest in their clients' lives. Nimble also offers sales and marketing tools that businesses can use to analyze the impact of their digital marketing campaigns and store custom data on each potential lead.

Nimble review

Social profiles

Sales automation features allow companies to accurately track their relationships with sales leads, sending well-timed follow ups and ultimately closing more deals each month. When colleagues connect through Nimble, they avoid redundancy and reduce the need for unnecessary back-and-forth emails.

Benefits of Using Nimble

Nimble has developed an innovative way of identifying the people a user should be connecting with in his or her professional network. Surprisingly, that in itself isn't the real benefit of using Nimble. The platform stands apart from other relationship management systems by showing its users exactly when, how, and why they should interacting with key contacts in their professional networks.

Nimble review


Nimble informs its users' interactions and helps professionals build stronger relationships with sales leads and existing clients. Each day, Nimble finds three people it believes are relevant to a user, based on existing relationships, pattern matching of commonalities and recency of contact.

Straightforward scheduling and calendar features help to ensure that opportunities for well-timed communication are never missed. Users can import and sync calendars across multiple platforms (including Google Calendar and third-party calendaring systems). They can also delegate tasks to their colleagues and keep track of what employees under their supervision are working on each day.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

Begin each morning by checking out the top contacts on your dashboard page. Nimble personally selects three contacts you should be connecting with, and includes links to any relevant social media pages.

Nimble review

Important contacts

Click on the "Contacts" tab to view all the contacts you have saved in Nimble's system. Without leaving the Contact page, you can send messages, add tasks, and edit events. You can even see an overview of all activities for an individual client, including recent social conversations, emails, and notes.

Nimble review

Contacts page

Nimble has created a "Signals" page to consolidate your social media streams from networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. View a real-time feed from all your social networks and quickly sort engagement opportunities (like birthdays or job changes).

Nimble review


Sales teams and marketers will want to use Nimble's "Deals" features to track leads through the sales pipeline. Add new deals manually as they come through, and export completed sales to CSV.

Nimble review


Support Information

Nimble offers an extensive customer care portal, where users can view the current system status, search for the answers to common questions by keyword, or browse through common questions filtered by topic. The answers to more detailed queries can be found by engaging in Nimble's community forums or by submitting a support ticket. Nimble also encourages its users to submit their ideas and feature requests using an online form.

Pricing Information

Nimble offers simple and easy pricing, starting at $15 per month, per user for business plans. The company offers a free 14-day trial for new users, with no credit card required. Adding or removing users from a business plan takes just seconds, and it can be done by visiting the Settings page. Users who need more than 5GB of storage space can add additional space in 25GB increments for $25 per account, per month.

The Bottom Line

Businesses that are looking for strategic ways to take control of their client relationships would be smart to check out Nimble. As seen in this Nimble review, it will help them organize and manage contact information from a countless number of apps, services, and social networks, but the platform also provides its users with strategic advice and customer insights. Nimble helps to ensure that its users never drop the ball on their professional relationships, culminating in deeper connections and - hopefully - more closed deals. Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 5/5


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