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Nine Apps That Help You Harness the Power of Social Proof

by Todd Spear
Published on 20 June 2014

Social proof is an important part of how you market your business. You need social proof indicators in the form of likes, plusses, favorites, thumbs up, and comments. Your customers look for these buying signals to know that they are not the first to take the plunge by doing business with you.

Social proof is so important that, if your site lacks any of those social indicators, you are creating negative social proof. What's worse than a blog post that contains a minor typo? A grammatically correct blog post that no one shares.

Your customers need to be given the chance to sing your praises, but they also need the opportunity to provide honest feedback, even if it's not necessarily "glowing" feedback.

Tons of research has focused on social proof in business, and doing business online makes it all the more important to infuse social indicators alongside all types of content. By prominently featuring social proof, you start off on the right foot with your customers - letting them know that they have a "voice" within your business.

And that can make all the difference.

The question that begs is, of course: "How the heck do I gather social proof?"

Collecting social proof may sound complex, but it's not half as daunting as it sounds. Social proof comes from user feedback and reviews. Fortunately, there are several apps that make it really simple to collect feedback and reviews from your customers in a variety of scenarios.

With the goal in mind of helping you put social proof to work in your business, here are our picks of the top six feedback and review management apps.


Ah, don't you just love apps that tell you what they do right in their names?

GetFeedback is one such feedback and review management app that is purpose-made and rightly named.

GetFeedback allows you to create mobile-ready surveys, as well as collect and analyze them, with ease.


Remember the part where your customers want to be heard - to have a voice?

UserVoice has been designed with elevating customers to near rock star status by making the focus all about them.

With more than 160,000 users already, UserVoice is among the most widely used feedback and review management apps available.


SurveyGizmo is ideal for new businesses. It's a simple solution for smaller-sized companies and freelancers.

There's no reason to over-complicate anything, for you or your customers. When ease of use matters most, you won't find a simpler solution than SurveyGizmo.

Though easy-to-use, SurveyGizmo is a feature-rich social proof solution that is optimized for mobile.


Why just have "customers?" Why not have advocates.

AdvocateHub takes social proof to the rafters by helping you harness the zeal of your customers, turning them into brand advocates.

AdvocateHub is unique among feedback and review management apps, as it is aimed at business-to-business situations, turning not only customers, but also employees and partners into legions of advocates to help you in your quest to grow your business.


CustomerGauge lets you put a finger on the pulse of your customers by providing real-time reporting when feedback is received.

If you have a ton of customers and feedback coming at you on a daily business, CustomerGuage is the tool that allows you to automate the process.

For medium and large enterprises fielding plenty of customers, CustomerGauge is the standout app on our list.

Customer Thermometer

Email! We haven't talked about email feedback yet!

Our list wouldn't be complete without mentioning the go-to tool for sending survey emails. Customer Thermometer makes it easy, thanks to the app's fun surveying tools.

No matter how large or small your company is, Customer Thermometer makes it easy for your customers to rate your service. Customer Thermometer even has embed buttons for Outlook emails, so feedback to email responses can be tracked. Clever!


SurveySwipe has been developed by the customer feedback gurus at Survey Analytics.

What's really special about SurveySwipe (other than its tight mobile integration), is the fact that its developers have seen fit to include a software development kit so you can build branded, customized solutions that meet your needs specifically.

With a decidedly mobile slant, SurveySwipe helps you capture useful feedback from your customers directly through a mobile app. In other words, SurveySwipe is all about gathering the info you need, wherever your customers feeling like giving (namely, on the go).


FluidSurveys is a great contender as an alternative to Survey Monkey.

FluidSurveys allows you to create questionnaires, quizzes, surveys, polls, and more. This app lets you use drag and drop to build powerful customer feedback objects in no time.

FluidSurveys is really easy to use. It makes it simple to build and easy to deploy surveys, sporting a unique "what you see is what you get."

FluidSurveys' ease of use translates to your customers, too - meaning you can expect better response rates from you loyal customers. What's even better? FluidSurveys is a web-based app that requires no installation.


Finally, Scorebuddy is a helpful app for call centers, in particular.

Scorebuddy makes it easy to track performance based on customer interactions with detailed reporting and analytics.

As customers complete interactions with company representatives, Scorebuddy asks them the questions that count. You define the queries, and Scorebuddy banks them all in a convenient dashboard.

Are you looking to leverage social proof?

Social proof is an essential ingredient in the marketing recipe of your business. If you're not raking in and evaluating social proof, it's time you picked up a customer feedback and review management app.

To help you find the one that's right for you, GetApp keeps a current list of all the customer feedback and review management apps on the market. We've also got tons of user reviews and comparisons to help you find the app that's perfect for your business.


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