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North Social Review – Make Social Media Work for Your Small Business

by Rakesh Sharma
Published on 13 March 2013

northsociallogoblackAlthough it focuses on personal relationships, Facebook can be an invaluable tool to build your small business. Within the confines of the one billion plus social network, you can try several permutations engage with customers and promote your small business. In this week North Social review- a SaaS solution that provides users with a suite of simple Facebook apps to create, grow, and manage custom Timeline pages. We will look at its features, interface, and see how it can be of use to you.

Campaigning With North Social

Typically building a mobile application for Facebook is an expensive investment of resources and time. North Social has reduced the application-building process into a number of simple and easy steps. As its tag line indicates, North Social enables you to do more with less.

Using an assortment of images and text, you can create and customize a number of common and popular categories of applications. For example, you can create a sweepstakes campaign for your brand or establish a video channel for your campaign using the solution. North Social also integrates with popular applications such as Instagram to enable you to leverage their feed for your application.

Creating an app within North Social consists of entering details within its simple content management system. While the control panel for the content management system varies, there are some common elements across applications. These elements include Settings and Analytics.

As the name denotes, the Settings tab helps configure details relating to the app. These details can relate to access, promotion or increasing the number of likes to your Fan page. I especially liked the Fan Gate feature. This feature enables you to customize content for your application. Thus, fans can access enhanced content when they "like" your page. This feature also comes with the added benefit of increasing the number of Likes for your page. The "Call To Action" and "Signup" features enable you to instigate action or enable mobile signon for your application.

North Social Trivia Contest App Admin Settings

The utilities contained in North Social's apps can be applied across a broad range of industries. For example, you can embed documents from external sites such as Scribd or Slideshare. By itself, this feature is useful; however it becomes even more useful when you become part of the hospitality industry. You can advertise latest promotions or special menus using this feature.

However, the real utility of the application lies in its Analytics tab. This tab enables you to gauge whether your investments in social media are bringing the desired returns. You can track social conversion using this tab. In other words, you can measure and quantify interactions, conversations, or clicks and assign a value to each campaign. This can be especially helpful when your small business runs multiple campaigns related to different topics at the same time.

The Basics: What Does The Interface Look Like?

The interface is fairly simple and easy-to-use. North Social displays a number of tabs depending on the type of application you opt for.However, as I mentioned earlier, there are several common elements throughout applications. Registration and setup using your Facebook account is fairly easy.


Supporting Your Facebook Campaign

North Social offers several support channels. They have a comprehensive video library which explains each feature associated with the solution. In addition, they have a community forum and several case studies to educate small businesses about the power of social media. Finally, you can always chat with them or email them to learn more about their offerings.

Is It For You?

Social media is here to stay. As I mentioned in my introduction, it offers several permutations for users to engage with audiences. Solutions such as North Social offer a way for small businesses to make sense of their social media stream and quantify their preferences. In short, North Social is highly recommended.