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Oktopost Review – Sophisticated Social Media Marketing

by Stephanie Miles
Published on 19 February 2014

Oktopost Review - Social media management tools that B2B marketers are looking for

B2B professionals have unique needs when it comes to social media marketing. Most of these marketers are looking for strategic ways to get in front of their desired audiences, and they need to be able to measure the true value and ROI of their social media campaigns. Unfortunately, many of the most popular social media management systems currently on the market don't offer the features that B2B professionals require. That's why Oktopost was created.

Oktopost is a social media-marketing platform aimed directly at B2B professionals. In this Oktopost review, I will explain the features that help Oktopost stand apart from competitors, including advanced scheduling message segmentation by channel, campaign creation tools, and the ability to auto-post on popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Oktopost Review - About the Product

Oktopost is a social media-marketing platform that B2B professionals can use to distribute content on a large-scale, and measure the true impact of their digital campaigns. Closing the gap between social media and lead generation, Oktopost is a useful tool for businesses that are interested in generating new sales and integrating traditional marketing programs into more modern social media campaigns.

Main Functionality of Oktopost

Using Oktopost gives marketers a straightforward way to publish content on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and then track the performance of those posts using a series of detailed analytics tools.

B2B marketers can create future posts for any of the social networks, and use a campaign calendar to see when specific types of content are set for publication. As soon as that content goes live, Oktopost starts collecting important metrics like clicks, conversions, leads, and comments. Oktopost goes beyond showing marketers how many followers or 'likes' they've generated on social media each day. Instead, the platform's social analytics dashboard gives users a clear sense of how their marketing efforts are going and how they could be improved in the future.

Leads from social media campaigns are easily tracked with Oktopost. For example, a marketer can find out which specific LinkedIn post prompted a lead to register for an account. And, thanks to Oktopost's lead capture technology, marketers can continue to follow and track specific leads through the entire sales pipeline.

Benefits of Using Oktopost

Oktopost is incredibly useful for B2B marketers. The platform's advanced message scheduling feature allows marketers to pick several dates and times for each social media post. Marketers also have the option to use the auto-scheduling feature to push messages in a specific time frame (like Tuesdays and Wednesdays, between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m., for example). Posts can also be grouped into campaigns, which is a useful way to track which types of content are generating the most interest and sales leads.

Unlike many of its competitors, Oktopost doesn't shy away from LinkedIn, the popular professional network. The platform makes it incredibly easy to publish on multiple LinkedIn Groups at once. Users can also select which profiles to post to, and find out which posts are generating the most attention from qualified leads. The ability to auto-post on LinkedIn Groups also helps Oktopost stand apart from the pack.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

Oktopost has an incredibly user-friendly interface. Start each morning with a quick look at your social inbox, where you can receive and respond to any comment left on one of your posts. Then, had over to the analytics dashboard, where you'll find a complete overview of your social media marketing campaigns, including statistics that show the number of posts, clicks, and conversions your content has generated.


Once you've connected your social media accounts to the platform, you can go ahead and start scheduling posts to LinkedIn Groups and Pages, Facebook Profiles and Pages, Google+ Pages, and Twitter. Compose the message you'd like to send, and select a time and date at which they should go out.


Check out your calendar to see an overview of the content you'll be posting over the next week or month. You can filter posts by campaign, network, or status.


Support Information

Getting started with any new social media marketing platform can be challenging, which is why Oktopost has developed an extensive Knowledge Base with the answers to virtually any question a user could have. Browse through articles in the Knowledge Base by topic or search specifically by keyword. You can also give product feedback through Oktopost's community forums, and contact an Oktopost representative directly via email.

Pricing Information

Oktopost offers pricing plans for companies of all sizes, starting with free accounts for beginners. Larger companies will want to upgrade to the Starter Plan ($49 per month), Marketing Plan ($119 per month), or the Business Plan ($249 per month). All plans come with a free 30-day trial. No credit card is required to sign up for Oktopost.

Oktopost Review - The Bottom Line

Oktopost is superior to its competitors, in part because the social media tools it provides align so closely with what B2B marketers are looking for. When marketers utilize Oktopost's social media marketing platform, they don't have to guess whether their campaigns are working or estimate the value of their efforts. Oktopost provides its users with quantifiable data that they can use to justify their programs. The platform's auto-posting and advanced message scheduling features help marketers save time, while the advanced analytics and straightforward interface make it incredibly easy for new users to get started.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 5/5


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