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Online Survey Software for Everyone: A Review of FluidSurveys.Com

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 3 May 2012

Online marketing has revolutionized the way in which an entire industry operates. And while the massive market of online users seems like an unlimited abyss of potential, the fact is that meaningful interactions with Internet users are becoming increasingly difficult to facilitate.

What this translates to is tremendous difficulty in gauging responses and the overall sentiments of your clients. As a contractor, I like gathering information from my clients to help me to deliver better quality. As a Graduate Student I often need to collect information in a way that it can be analyzed scientifically. In fact, any business, large or small needs to collect statistics from their customers and potential customers as well as employees.

Traditionally you could hand out a performance review or survey regarding in-house performance as well as customer experience. Then input the information into specialized software. It could take months to get results. But is there an online solution to doing the same? The short answer is, Yes! Thanks to a number of online survey software, you can build online surveys but also quizzes and questionnaires, as well as other market-related systems, so that you can measure your actual impact. This is obviously a massive benefit for tracking performance, and if your business needs market research of this caliber, then one of the first places you should start looking is Empowers Users By Providing Valuable Information, as the name suggests, is a site that empowers users to create quizzes, polls, questionnaires, and traditional surveys in order to interact with customers on a more meaningful level. But the reason why is such a great starting point is because it is not limited to survey creation. FluidSurveys Chart In fact, you can expect full brand management. The ability to track performance, incorporate advanced logic in the question system, interact via mobile and tablet technology, use charting systems, push email, email invitations, and so much more available to you at one site with a few clicks makes this service valuable for not only a business, but also for scientists, educators, government and industry. Can Be Used By Anyone Who Needs Answers

As mentioned above, is definitely a service for businesses of all sizes, institutions, students, educators and serious professionals. If you are looking for a way to get your brand into the upper echelons of branding and marketing, then this is the type of comprehensive service that you need. If you're a student, non-profit, or government institution check with them for more competitive pricing. The free version will work for an independent contractor who just wants to find out if his or her customers are satisfied. But a more extensive version will be needed if you want to analyze the results in any real and useful way.

If You Need Statistics From Others You Need

The services available here are extensive, and comprehensive. You should consider buying it purely because of the array of options that are open to you - other sites may offer you standard survey options, and maybe even additional graphing options, but takes things onto the next level. If you are looking for an all-in-one product, you can find it here. From survey logic that allows respondents to skip unnecessary questions to charts and graphs, to real time results, has it. You can even have a totally private survey and only invite specific participants via email, if you desire. FluidSurveys set up About a year or two ago, I was doing a project that required many conditional responses from the respondents. Conditional responses will send survey takers to the proper track of the survey based on their answers. It was hard to create this myself, but had I been aware of at the time, I could have completed my project in minutes instead of hours.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

Obviously with so many services the site itself is quite dense, and I can't show you everything in this review, but the information is very well put together and easy to access. The list of clients is incredibly impressive, and overall, the ethos of professionalism shines through. It's not cluttered and confusing, even though there are certainly a lot of options. When you create a survey, it's simple to choose one of the templates already provided without having to make up any questions. Creation of a comprehensive survey can be completed with just a couple of clicks. The drag and drop feature is very user friendly, and the ability to brand your questionnaires and surveys is unbeatable. No one knows that your survey technology is not in-house, so you brand your business, not theirs. offer many themes to choose from but you can also create your own theme without using any code whatsoever, although you do have complete control over the CSS and HTML, if desired. The ability to change the colors, fonts, and layout easily is important because you can integrate it easily into your already existing brand. Fluid Survey Demo The publishing options can't be beat either, with so many choices it's hard to pick just a couple to tell you about. I especially like the ability to allow respondents to save their answer to finish later for long surveys. This means that respondents won't drop out just because a survey is long. Additionally, takers get to download their own responses, which can be very handy for some businesses, such as life coaches or consultants who use surveys to help their clients brainstorm. The ability to create a poll, and send right out to Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media is also an exciting addition.

Pros and Pros

In all honesty, there aren't many cons about this service. is a champion in its class. While there is a lot of information here that will go right over the heads of the inexperienced, the ability to click and get an explanation helps. I do think a better description on the site about what SPSS is, might help. Unless you're a graduate student like myself, or a statistician, you don't know that SPSS is a predictive analytic software brand name. It might frighten off users who just want to do a simple survey and or questionnaire. Having said that, has so many positives and can seemingly do anything from the most simple client questionnaire or poll, to the most elaborate scientific survey that you can come up with, all in a fully integrated, easy to use, cost effective, pleasing to the eye, in-the-cloud system that works! How can you speak poorly of that?

Will It Fit Your Budget? offers several options for various budgets from the most scientific branded version to the completely free version sans bells and whistles, that is more appropriate for a small contractor who just wants occasional client feedback. In addition, if you happen to be a student, university, non-profit or government entity specialized pricing is available simply by contacting them. All versions have a 14 day free trial, although you do have to give your financial information to get the free trial. It is important to remember that if you sign up for it and don't like it, to cancel before the automatic billing. Although, I cannot imagine anyone needing this type of software not liking

Is It For You?

If you are looking for the best, most useful, full of bells and whistles online survey software in the cloud that you can find, then yes, this is the software for you. However, if you have a very limited budget, and a small clientele and don't plan to send out many surveys, the pro version might feel expensive and the free version might feel inadequate. As a small business owner myself, I can envision using this software for a variety of uses past surveys and polls. Check it out for yourself, and I'm sure you'll be impressed as I am.


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