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PHC FX Review – an All-in-One Business Support Solution

by Stephanie Faris
Published on 30 December 2013

PHC FX Review - Simple, easy-to-use application that can help streamline operations

Businesses today are torn between varieties of cloud-based solutions, leading them to often subscribe to a multitude of services. Each service requires its own username and password for each worker, leading to the password overload that affects many professionals today.

PHC FX has an alternative, wrapping multiple solutions in one affordable package, complete with a monthly subscription and customer support. This PHC FX review looks at each of these features to help businesses decide if it includes everything their business needs.

PHC FX Review - About the App

PHC FX contains several different modules within its interface. Those modules include support, billing and invoicing, CRM, team collaboration, and a module that covers document management, tablet business analysis, and metrics. The software operates completely online, requiring no software downloads. With more than 135,000 users, PHC Software serves nearly 30,000 companies across the globe.

Main Functionality of PHC FX

Each module has its own set of features. The modules are:

  • PHC Service FX-Automate customer support with this ticketing system that integrates with an organization's existing e-mail solutions. The system filters and assigns tickets based on rules specified by the business, ensuring each ticket ends up in the right hands. Responses can be sent directly through the system to provide a professional, big-business appearance for even the smallest of businesses.
  • PHC Business FX-Businesses can manage customers, conduct billing and receiving, track sales, and manage suppliers through this module, which also lets them track inventory and label products. A business can also monitor all business accounts through this module to watch where every dollar is going.
  • PHC CRM FX-Through the CRM, businesses can track leads, maintain contact information, generate quotes, set appointments, and more. The software also monitors and analyzes activity to generate figures detailing the performance of individual salespersons or entire teams.
  • PHC Team FX-Businesses today are more interested than ever in cloud-based collaboration tools. PHC's solution lets administrators assign tasks to users, track the progress of projects, share files and send alerts, and more.
  • PHC Documents FX-Businesses can store documents of all types to PHC's storage cloud, where they'll be accessible at all times. Employees can access the document space and save or attach supplier agreements, customer contracts to tasks or projects.
  • PHC Dashboard FX-With the dashboard, businesses can access information on sales, opportunities, customer ranking, and more using a tablet.

Benefits of Using PHC FX

By having everything in one location, businesses have the convenience of only keeping up with one link, username, and password. Because it's cloud-based the solution is accessible anywhere, allowing professionals to work on projects, send invoices, track payments, control inventory, and more-all while on the road, working from home, or sitting in the office.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

When you first log into PHC FX, you are initially greeted by flashy music and a photo of a woman in a field. There doesn't appear to be a clear reason for this greeting, but it only lasts ten seconds or so before the system puts you through to the sign-in screen.

Once you've set your color and font preferences, you'll be taken to your dashboard, where you'll have several different options. At the top of the screen are quick links that can take you to each of the modules.



Each menu item features a drop-down box that offers choices within that module. This is the "Tickets" module under Service. Through this screen, you can view existing tickets or create new ones.



In the Business module, you have the choice between customers, accounts receivable, bank collection, and more. Each screen has the same look and set of options, letting you add a new record, export a PDF of items listed, search for records, or commit more actions.

Business module

Business module

The Document Panel, located under the menu item "Options," provides a control panel that allows you to upload attachments and manage files.

Document panel

Document panel

Under the Analysis Panel, also located under the Options tab, businesses can choose from a variety of reporting options. Here is a sample of the choices for reports on your sales team.

Analysis panel

Analysis panel

Support Information

Aside from a link to videos within the app, no customer support link was readily available in the trial version. The "Send a Suggestion" link located under System takes the user to an extranet where it asks for a customer number. I suspect that for a paid client support resources are available but from my trial account I could not assess it.

Pricing Information

After a 12-day trial period, customers pay 21£ monthly for CRM, Service and Team, or the monthly equivalent of 19£ (if they choose the annual payment of 226£ upfront). The Business module has a monthly payment of 42£, or the monthly equivalent of 33£ (if they choose the annual payment of 404£ upfront). Prices lower if you pick more than one module, as the database, which is priced at 10£, is a one-time only cost.

PHC FX Review - The Bottom Line

PHC FX is a simple, easy-to-use application that can help streamline operations. But each business should review each module to ensure it has all of the features it needs before committing to purchase.

Ratings: ease of use 4/5, features 3/5, value 4/5


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