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ProcessGene Review – Make Sense of Your Processes

by Rakesh Sharma
Published on 19 April 2013

processgene reviewProcess management can make the difference between success and failure for businesses. It becomes even more important, when you add governance and risk compliance to the mix.

This week we will review a solution that makes process management and the trio of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) easy and affordable for small- and mid-size businesses.

In this ProcessGene review - a business process realization SaaS software, we will look at its features, interface, and see how it can be of use to you.

Designing A Process Solution

The team at ProcessGene, which comprises a group of highly-qualified researchers, took a scientific approach to business process management.

They focused on the basic elements that comprise a process, while developing their solution. The logic was simple: BPM tools available in the market focused on "rough-cut" business process models. The ProcessGene team, however, was interested in granular, more "detailed levels" of businesses to achieve a better simulation of real-world processes.

According to their website, they also analyzed the "combinatorial" relationships between business process artifacts. In simple words, they researched the permutations and overlaps between multiple business processes in an organization.

ProcessGene is the result of their efforts. It consists of two solutions that enable small businesses to realize the full potential of their business processes. The first one is called ProcessGene BPM Suite and enables businesses to comprehensively manage their business processes. The second one is called ProcessGene GRC suite and enables businesses to manage the trio of governance, risk, and compliance activities.


Working With ProcessGene

As I mentioned earlier, ProcessGene spans the gamut of process management. Their BPM solution takes a decompositional approach to process management. Thus, processes are presented as tables, trees, or graphs, which can successively be decomposed into their constituent elements.

Each process is associated with a decompositional model consisting of the major elements of that process. The model can subsequently be deconstructed into an extended view of the process and associated artifacts such as documents and files attached to the process.

One of the more interesting features of the solution is that it integrates user requirement management with processes. This is a pretty unique and awesome approach since user requirements or new features can, often, have a direct and tangible effect on processes.

ProcessGene's GRC solution follows a task-oriented approach. The tasks are assigned to individual employees and comprise important elements of an audit. Between them, the four main elements of GRC solution enable you to document risks and controls, test and remediate changes, implement risk control, and generate reports and diagnostics. Each step in GRC is assigned to a specific person and configured with a link to the correct artifact. The solution also enables you to attach audited e-signatures that verify and validate measures.


Businesses can organize their processes around various departments from human resources to financial management to order fulfilment and procurement. Within each module or department, you can also create sub-processes at the appropriate level. Navigation through these processes is within a Window Explorer model.



After having reviewed several business process management solutions, I am extremely impressed with ProcessGene. There are three reasons for this.

First, the solution's decompositional approach can result in significant cost- and resource-saving. The solution offers comprehensive business process management and also enables you to troubleshoot process elements with its decompositional approach. Identifying problems with your processes becomes that much easier. In terms of time- and resource-saving, this is an invaluable service.

Second, ProcessGene is truly a glocal solution. It is a pioneer in multi-org technology. In simple words, this enables your business to think globally in terms of processes and act locally to customize its approach. I can already see the benefits of this approach for small- to mid-size businesses that are interested in scaling their operations but lack expertise and know-how.

Third, the solution moves beyond the role of traditional BPM solutions by bundling risk management and governance with BPM. In addition, it takes a holistic view of processes by including user requirement management as part of its suite of applications. You can also use ProcessGene to manage rollouts of ERP applications or as a change management application to document process changes and evaluate risks.


Despite its multiple benefits, there is an area where the solution could improve. Currently, the ProcessGene consists of a treeview with multiple folders substituting for sub-processes and departments.

Because it packs in so much functionality, it might be an idea for the solution's interface specialists to simplify the interface and make it visually attractive. The Windows Folder paradigm works upto a certain extent; however, it restricts the scope for process visualization as well as in communicating the complexity ingrained within the application.


ProcessGene is available in four flavors: Lite, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. The business process modeler and associated utilities (such as report generation features and Visio BPM modeling) are available in all editions. However, depending on your budget and risk levels, you can also get advanced features such as mergers and acquisitions consolidator or regulation management features by opting for the advanced solutions.


ProcessGene provides support across multiple channels including online and in-person. According to their website, they maintain an in-depth knowledge of the customer's deployment and configuration to understand customer environment. This knowledge is especially useful when the designated support engineer from ProcessGene comes in to fix your problems. ProcessGene also has a comprehensive library of frequently asked questions.

The Bottomline

ProcessGene is a comprehensive and affordable BPM solution to scale your processes across multiple geographies, while maintaining a local focus. Highly recommended.

Ratings : ease of use 4/5, features 5 /5, value 5 /5 and ease of deployment 4/5


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