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6 Productivity Apps for Small Business Integrated With Google Apps

by Rakesh Sharma
Published on 1 June 2011

As you must probably know, Google Apps is a free (for less than 50 users) productivity suite. Implementing and integrating your applications with Google Apps has several benefits.

For one, it increases your bottom line. This is because Google Apps is free or does not cost much (for more than 50 users). You can reduce your operating expenses by integrating Google Apps with your business apps in the cloud to enable data and document-sharing. Thus, several users can contribute to documents at the same time, increasing their productivity. On the same note, you can use Google Sites to manage and track a project thus reducing the need to invest in expensive proprietary software or embed project documents or notes into email instead of creating multiple documents tracking the same project.


Apart from collaborating on projects, are they other benefits in integrating with Google Apps?

Yes, you can also use Google Apps to import data directly into many of your applications. For example, several applications enable you to import spreadsheet data from Google Apps into specific modules of or other CRM apps.

There is a bubbling ecosystem of applications integrating with Google Apps and today we are sharing with you six popular cloud-based productivity applications that you can integrate with Google Apps:


In case you still haven't heard of Zoho, it is a suite of online web applications for productivity and collaboration. Think of it as an online Microsoft Office and business application suite rolled into one. Their productivity apps include calendars, notebooks, planners and sheets. You can also use the application suite for complex business processes such as CRM and sales. View Zoho solutions


Mavenlik is an online project management software that allows to manage and track projects simply and easily. Using this software, you can track multiple projects across various channels and also conduct conversations related to the project. What's more, their integration with Google Apps enables integration of Google Apps features such as Google Docs, Google Calendar and accessing of Google Contacts from within the software. View Mavenlink


Brightpearl's tagline is "Save time. Work smarter." That is why folks behind this solution integrated multiple aspects of your business: CRM with inventory and accounts and ecommerce. The idea is to help you save time by making sure that everything works together without your having to enter duplicate information across different systems. Brightpearl is part of the Google App ecosystem; this means that it can be integrated with any and most of your Google Apps. View BrightPearl - Business Management Software.

Assistly is a browser-based customer support software that helps you manage support activities across multiple streams from social networks to standard email-based support. The idea is to help you become a customer-facing organization. You can do several things with the software: support customer requests, perform administrative tasks, and generate reports to perform business analytics such as measuring the effectiveness of your support efforts. What's more, the solution integrates well with Google Apps which means you can cross-post documents and other valuable information from between the two applications. View - Customer Support Application


Samanage is an IT service and asset management software. You can use it to manage IT inventory and reduce IT support costs. This means that it has an array of features that allow you to monitor and configure inventory, contracts, service desks and reports. Apart from cost-reduction, the makers of this software tout the on-demand capability as one of it's biggest unique selling points. View Samanage

You can research more productivity applications integrating with Google Apps from this list of business apps.


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