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Proposal Writing Made Easy With Quoteroller

by Michele Nachum
Published on 8 April 2011

Quoteroller is a handy new product for small businesses that want to automate their proposal processes. Instead of creating proposals in Word and trying to cut and paste information each time you develop a new proposal, Quote Roller allows you to save and reuse general information about your company, terms of service and other aspects you use in all of your proposals.

The Basics: What Does it Look Like?

Quoteroller has a "friendly" user interface that is easy to navigate and allows you to have your account up and running in minutes. After signing up for Quoteroller and entering in your company information, you will be able to click on Create Proposal and begin the process. It's that easy.

There are a few steps in setting up a proposal such as inputting your client's information, proposal pricing and services but if you are a quick typist, you can have Quoteroller send out a client proposal in less than five minutes.

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The Quoteroller dashboard will be your default homepage that will showcase all the proposals you have created and distributed. You can also save drafts that will be easily accessible from your dashboard.

Creating Proposals:

Once you select the Create Proposal icon, you can begin adding information into your proposal - such as the products and services you offer, the pricing and more. Quoteroller will guide you through the process with simple instructions for adding copy to the proposals.

Templates - Depending on your subscription level, Quoteroller offers you the choice to choose one of its templates or you can create your own. For the free subscription, you get one template called Web Form, and as you move up to other levels, you will have additional choices.

Filling in the Proposal - Quoteroller allows you to add various sections to your proposal such as an overview of your project, proposal details and anything else you would like to reference in your correspondence. This offers you a lot of options to tailor your proposals to each client.

Sending to Clients - Once you are finished drafting your proposal, you have the option to save it as a draft or email it directly to your client.


You can create and update your company profile, enter in team members names and set up your tax rates that will be configured into your proposal.


As you design your proposals, the system will ask you for your clients' information such as email addresses and phone numbers and all that information will be saved in Clients so you can access it anytime or send updated and new proposals. That said, if you have a large client list on an Excel document for instance, the service will not import client names from Excel or a CRM application - so you will have to manually your clients' information.


Pricing is affordable and starts with a free subscription that comes with one template. The next level is $8.99 which includes three templates and allows you to distribute 15 proposals per month. The next level is $18.99 per month with five templates to choose from and the ability to send out 30 proposals per month. The "enterprise" level at $69.99 per month allows for an unlimited number of proposals sent and access to an unlimited number of templates.

Is it for you

Quoteroller is a great product for any small business that sends out a number of proposals per week or month. That said, the aspects that make this product terrific are the same that also make the product limited. There are not a lot of bells and whistles here - so if you need a product that is very straight-forward and specific in scope - such as sending out proposals and nothing more, then Quoteroller is for you. It will help you save and organize your proposals and client information. If you need a more robust product, you may opt for a CRM solution that will not only manage your business proposals, but also help you transfer proposals and estimates into invoicing, send your reminders to contact your clients about the proposal, offer more template choices, import Excel lists and more.


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