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Putting the ‘App’ Into Employee Appraisals

by Martin Walford
Published on 7 August 2014

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It's that time of the year when you and your boss sit down and talk about how you're doing, and how you can do it better. Perhaps you've had to fill in forms that you don't really understand. The whole thing can be a daunting, and even dull, process. Yes, it's the dreaded employee performance appraisal!

Employee performance appraisals are a key tool of the progress and development of our careers. They measure how well we're doing, what we could do better, and where we're heading in the future. Career development and talent management , to give it its catchy, twenty-first century tag, is now vital to the way in which many companies operate.

According to a report by recruitment agency Randstad, they are now more important than ever, with industry experts urging British companies to get their employee performance appraisals into shape, arguing that it can help to improve employee engagement and encourage staff retention.

And yet, other statistics indicate that the whole thing is often managed badly. Very badly indeed.

Research from the West Virginia Division of Personnel tells of the problems such appraisals can cause with 71 percent of professionals saying they believe their company's system for evaluating performance is not fair and 70 percent saying that the expectations of their performance are not defined clearly.

But wait, it doesn't have to be like this! Regular performance appraisals for your employees don't have to be the loathed part of your job, dreaded by both employer and employee alike. We've found some companies out there that provide effective employee appraisal software which says goodbye to the practices of the past.

So how about putting the 'app' into appraisal with these fantastic programs we've highlighted below?

The win-win solution

Halogen Software offers Halogen eAppraisal Halogen appraisal software logo, a package that makes the employee appraisal system strategic, easy to use and saves on time. Employees receive continuous direction and feedback and the employer can see, at any moment and, at the touch of a button, where your employees are at with their performance activities. This also gives the employees a better understanding of their responsibilities.¨

360-degree reviews have the affect of motivating their employees, who feel that the process of gathering feedback from multiple sources is a fairer and more representative reflection of how they're doing. In turn, this makes them more open-minded to improving their performance at work. They also feel that their actions for review, as well as any follow-up points, are based on a fairer overall assessment.

Most importantly, Halogen eAppraisal brings results - and impressive results they are, too. One of their companies, for example, increased their operating margins over three years from below 1% to over 9%, while another of their companies decreased staff turnover rates from 20% to just 4%. Those have got to be great results for any organization!

So everybody is a winner. Halogen allows the employer to make better-informed decisions on the talents of their employees, while saving time in the entire performance management process while focusing less on the administrative side of things and more on the talent within your workforce. Meanwhile, the employee obtains greater visibility and understanding of the expectations on them and the goal set for them, while being able to easily track their progress.

Promoting company culture and values

With TribeHR's Talent Management program, employee development software, employers can set goals for their employees and track these in a clear and defined way. The interface can host employee feedback as well as keep in one place their performance reviews, important comments and notes, together with an assessment of their overall skills.

This is a powerful feature of TribeHR. It means that, whether you conduct your employee performance appraisals on an annual basis or on a more frequent review basis, you'll have instant access to relevant and detailed information about your employees collected over the entire review period.

Employee goals are important and with TribeHR, they become collaborative, so that, as well as individual goals, you can also set your team group goals. This way, employees can ask each other for help in achieving common goals together. There's nothing like incorporating team work into the appraisal process, is there? Your company culture counts, too! With the program, the values of your company can be tied directly to the performance of your employees. In this way, they can reinforce the values and culture of your company in their day-to-day work.

Compensation reviews made easy

FinancialForce appraisal logo

With its Performance Management package, FinancialForce Human Capital Management (HCM) helps you to assess and evaluate the performance of your employees, aligning their individual goals with departmental objectives as well as the wider organizational strategy of your company. This will allow you to motivate your employees in line with the overall planning and goals of the entire workforce.

It also allows you to automate performance-based compensation reviews and bonus payments. Not only that, it make the process more transparent within your organization. As FinancialForce HCM says, the program makes it easy for you to recognize and reward the employees within your company.

So with the help of these programs, appraising your employees doesn't have to painful for either side. The process is made easy and meaningful, and, believe me, your team will thank you for it. What better way to find and nurture the talent in your team?


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