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RazorSync Review – Manage Business Services in the Field

by Stephanie Miles
Published on 6 January 2014

RazorSync Review - Field service software for offsite technicians

For the five million+ U.S. workers in the field services industry - along with the staffing teams working behind the scenes to support those offsite technicians - productivity is everything. A company's profitability is closely related to the number of jobs a technician can complete each day. RazorSync, low-cost mobile software for field-service businesses, empowers faster, smarter, and more efficient operations. This RazorSync review looks closely at the mobile platform's customer-management, schedule-management, field-worker-management, and invoice-management tools. The goal of this review is to determine whether RazorSync will actually help a small- to mid-size field-service team increase its level of productivity and profitability.

RazorSync Review - About the Product

The application is published by RazorSync LLC, whose stated mission includes "enabling businesses to work smarter in order to increase productivity and profitability." RazorSync software is designed for companies that employ field-service staff such as cleaners, computer technicians, electricians, handymen, plumbers, contractors, landscapers, and pet sitters. RazorSync is a mobile-to-cloud application (meaning there is nothing to install on a computer) and can be easily accessed via a smartphone app, tablet app or via desktop computer browser.

Primary Functions

RazorSync's features fall into four main categories: schedule management, field-worker management, customer management, and invoice management. Software functions include dispatching, scheduling, recordkeeping, and invoicing.

Scheduling and dispatching features include drag-and-drop assignment, single entry of recurring jobs, and no-deadline entry of low-priority jobs. The scheduling function can automatically update a Google Calendar or email a .ics calendar event attachment to users of Yahoo, Outlook, iCal and other calendar applications. Daily schedules are generated automatically, taking travel time into account and providing technicians with customer addresses.

Office staff can track field technicians, viewing all units on a map and hovering to expand detailed information. The office can notify field workers of schedule changes, routing, and customer preferences via text or email. Field staff clock in and clock out of each job on the app.

RazorSync's desktop management tools create customer databases with addresses, contact numbers, customer preferences and notes (e.g. "cat in the house" or "dog confined in closet"), file attachments, and complete job histories. Any technician can access this customer data from a smartphone or tablet. At the time of an estimate or job, the technician can attach a customer-approval signature, photo, or video to a service request or invoice.

Invoices, automatically emailed to the customer when the field technician records the job as finished, update customer records in QuickBooks.

Benefits of Using RazorSync

The most significant benefit to the small- to medium-business is end-to-end integration of customer data from the point of sale through invoicing. Automatic updating from the field to QuickBooks accounting software eliminates redundant data entry and can be expected to reduce errors from manual entry.

The drag-and-drop schedule function eases calendar entry. No-priority scheduling, gps-tracking of field units, and constant field-office communication allow dispatchers to reassign units quickly and with minimal travel time, optimizing time in the field.

By providing the field technician with access to customer records and driving directions, the app improves customer satisfaction and reduces drive time.

Instant job-site invoicing can be expected to shorten the billing cycle and improve cash flow.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

You will begin your day at your custom dashboard, complete with a list of upcoming appointments and related notes. RazorSync takes your daily service requests into account when generating capacity-vs.-usage charts that show your utilization across all technicians. The instant messaging tool can be used to broadcast company-wide messages to technicians working in the field.




Import all of your customers at once into the RazorSync system from your database, or manually create individual customer records. In addition to basic customer details, like name, address and phone number, RazorSync tracks service-request histories. Enter new service requests on this same page, making sure to include a desired time and description of each job.

Customers data

Customers data

View the Schedule

Review your company's daily schedule in a timeline format. Line items can be sorted by service requests, tasks or locations. Click on the location tab to see which jobs are located in which areas of town.

Service requests

Service requests

Reassign Workers

View all workers and jobs on a map. Simply drag and drop to reconfigure your technicians' daily schedules to group jobs by location and decrease driving times.

Support Information

The Resource Center provides articles and information for users of the mobile platform. New users are also encouraged to download the Quick Start Guide for an offline resource. Finally, RazorSync provides all users with live video demonstrations. These demonstrations are hosted every weekday. For the answers to more detailed queries, users are encouraged to contact their RazorSync sales consultants to schedule live demonstrations.

Pricing Information

Simple pricing is at the heart of the RazorSync system. All new users are encouraged to try a free 30-day trial. After that, RazorSync charges a flat monthly fee of $19.95 per user, with a three-user minimum, but with no contract, making it easy to adopt but without the risk of being "locked in". This fee includes all scheduling, dispatching, customer management and invoicing tools, along with QuickBooks integration, smartphone access, web app access, customer support, training and ongoing software updates.

RazorSync Review - The Bottom Line

RazorSync is an effective scheduling and dispatching tool for companies in the field services industry. The platform's mobile features allow in-house dispatchers to stay connected to technicians in the field, scheduling more jobs in less time and with less travel. Field data automatically generates email invoices and updates to accounting software, eliminating much data entry. Using the system's instant-messaging feature, managers can broadcast company-wide messages with a single click. All told, RazorSync's tools streamline dispatching and accounting operations. The cost of the platform is justified by the wide array of features.

Ratings: ease of use 4/5, features 5/5, value 4/5


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