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Maximizing Your CRM Experience Further: Review of Maximizer CRM

by Rakesh Sharma
Published on 9 May 2012

Much like life, cloud applications also get better.

About a year ago, we reviewed Maximizer CRM, a pioneer in the web-based CRM applicationc space.

Today we will revisit this app because the solution's developers have included several enhancements based on customer feedback.

We will look at its new interface and features and see how they can be of use to you.

Let's Do A Recap

Here is a recap of Maximizer CRM to refresh your memory. Maximizer CRM covers all aspects of customer relationship management solutions including contact and account management, salesforce automation, and customer responsiveness. The solution, which has a layout similar to Microsoft Office 2010, also enables you to create contact-specific quotes, campaigns, and customer service. Finally, Maximizer CRM comes in multiple flavors including group and enterprise editions, mobile CRMs, and, even, an entrepreneur edition.

Making Things Better

CRM AppsMost changes in Maximizer CRM are focused around improving customer experience. The trigger for these changes was customer feedback and internal analysis. The company undertook a revamp based on customer feedback to improve the solution's efficiency and user experience. Maximizer's developers have included several changes to the interface to ease navigation, enhance integration and provide a holistic view of the solution to users.

The My Work Day feature enables you to add information about your contacts. Thus, you can add contacts for a company, add notes, include custom user-defined fields, and link documents to file servers for that contact. What's more, you can also build up comprehensive social networking profiles of the contact.

This feature could be especially useful while prospecting companies. For example, you can integrate LinkedIn profiles of employees from specified companies to the company contact name. "The idea is to get information associated with contacts in a very short amount of time," says Hartfield. "This feature enables you to establish contacts and penetrate organizations easily."

Accessible information is, again, the overarching theme in Maximizer's interface and integration changes. For example, you can get all system information about a particular contact by simply right-clicking the contact name and selecting the appropriate option. Maximizer CRM also integrates with iCal and Microsoft Outlook. Thus, you can import calendar appointments and display contacts from either one of these applications. The application is also supported on Firefox for Mac. "This integration opens up a whole new customer base for Mac users," says Hartfield.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the application's brand new mobile app. The application, which is browser-driven, enables a "real and live connection to data." Thus, you can search, add, or edit contacts on-the-fly. Alternatively, you can access vital system-related information to enable rapid decision making. Thus, you can access address books, opportunities, calendars, customer service, and the company library. "The idea is to enable access to data for employees, enabling them to grab, modify, and add data quickly," says Hartfield.

More Features = Complex Interface?

One would think so.

However, the interface seems to have gotten simpler. According to Hartfield, the user interface changes were designed to speed up customer experience with Maximizer. "We already have a lot of on-premise customers who gave us good feedback about the interface," he says. "So, we worked with the assumption that as long as you have appropriate access rights, you should be able to add or edit as much information as possible."

I was pretty impressed with their mobile application interface. It eschews typical browser-based application interface that consist of menu items and modules. Instead, the application has a list- and task-based feel.

Again, the solution's developers seem to have devoted much time and analysis behind the interface. "We purposely went for an iPhone-type feel to ensure a consistent user interface across browsers," says Hartfield. "This reduces training time for new employees."

CRM Apps

Change Is Always For The Better, Right?

Right! Cumulatively, the interface, integration, and new feature changes are an excellent addition to an already great solution. They make navigation easier, streamline the application's features by enabling a single, comprehensive view, and open up new channels for support. All in all, a tidy and maximum user experience for this CRM.


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