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Helpdesk Managers: Get Your Mojo Back – Review of Mojo Helpdesk

by Rakesh Sharma
Published on 14 January 2013

Mojo Helpdesk Review

This week, we will review Mojo Helpdesk - a web-based ticket tracking and help desk app that makes it easy for helpdesk managers, system administrators, and customer support experts to centralize, assign, and manage requests. We will look at its features and interface to see how it can be of use to you.

The Value of Iteration

Daniel Guermeur, creator of Mojo Helpdesk, says the application is the result of multiple iterations. "We had been iterating internally on a ticket tracking solution for our own needs since the year 2000," he says. "We looked at bug tracking software and we looked at other ticket tracking software and they were all hard to use and hard to configure." In the end, Guermeur and his mates decided to create their own solution, one which combined sophistication with ease-of-use.

Guermeur says the solution's "clear Gmail-like design" and "Googley" interface have made the solution a hit with customers. In addition, he points to four other reasons helpdesk managers should try Mojo Helpdesk: Tickets can be created and updated directly from your email inbox. Mojo Helpdesk stores and organizes ticket histories for you on the web - no messy downloads and nothing to install. Their text-based search tool helps you find old tickets so you never lose track of a request. Live implementation and configuration support is available for all new users.

Staying Organized with Ticket Tracking

As I mentioned earlier, Mojo Helpdesk is primarily a ticket tracking solution that can be used for customer service, tracking IT issues or any requests that shouldn't fall through the cracks. Agents can manage tickets/requests as they are submitted. Signup is easy. All you need to do is login and you are immediately transferred to the ticket management portal.

This screen displays a navigation menu that consists of multiple parameters such as 'your assignments', 'unassigned tickets', 'all open tickets', and a 'watch list' (any ticket that you want to keep tabs on). You can also generate customized reports relating to helpdesk activity such as aging summary, SLA compliance, or time spent on tickets.

As I mentioned earlier, Mojo Helpdesk uses an email-like inbox as the hub for all ticketing transactions. This approach benefits users in two ways. First, it enables support personnel to process multiple tasks at the same time (such as tracking tickets and providing support at the same time). Second, it allows tickets to be assigned to the appropriate queues and agents so issues are resolved quickly.

Mojo Helpdesk also enables support agents to review tickets, add attachments, assign priority, and channel messages to appropriate stakeholders within the helpdesk ecosystem.

The Basics: What Does The Interface Look Like

Think Gmail. Think Integration. The interface, as I mentioned earlier, is an especially big hit with customers. It has a "Googley" interface, which means there is less of a learning curve for new support agents. The left pane, which is a vertical reworking of a typical Inbox, has listings of important tasks to be performed during this process.

Review Mojo Helpdesk

Mojo Helpdesk Review

Supporting Your Solution

Mojo Helpdesk offers web-based and phone support for its users. In addition, it also has an active blog that informs users of the latest updates and features available in the solution.

Is it for you?

The solution is a custom-fit for helpdesk manager, IT pros, and customer support experts who spend their days receiving and managing support requests. As such, it increases productivity and, also, offers the benefits of cloud, including scalable infrastructure, costs and remote access.


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