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A Survey Tool for Everyone — Review of Survey Expression

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 8 January 2013

Survey Expression ReviewSurveys for your blog or surveys sent out to readers via email are limited in most free online survey tools.

The number of questions and how they can be asked are capped. It can also be difficult to know how to organize and design them. Survey Expression calls itself the best free online tool you can use.

Let's take a look.

Most Survey Tools Offer Too Few Questions or are Too Complicated, Not This One

Surveys are great tools to increase blog readership and find out what employees or clients are thinking. They are an effective communication device for everyone. But they can be complicated to design and publish. It's just so easy to end up with questions that don't match the requirements of the free survey website you stumbled on. Some let you ask only 10 questions, seldom enough. They delete information quickly and don't let you export it.

A Survey Tool That Works For The Blogger, Small Businessperson and / or Market Researcher

Survey Expression has targeted the free survey market with very generous features. They have templates to help you design the survey, allow you to ask as many questions as you want, in as many surveys a month as you choose. You can ask simple or sophisticated questions in any form. The information can be exported easily and is never deleted from their servers.

Simple Surveys That Get All Your Questions Answered

Survey Expression lets you set up a free account and keep it active as long as you like. The only limit is 200 responses a survey. You can ask questions in up to 18 different forms, using radio buttons in multiple choice, essay boxes, check boxes, continuous sums, and ranking. Even market researchers who use advanced, sophisticated survey logic will feel at home with Survey Expression.

Their templates cover consumer, education, employee and event surveys. If you need to do a health assessment, they have a template for that. Their web forms and IT surveys are easy to customize for your needs. The Survey Editor is simple to use.

You can collect responses via email or with a link on your website or blog. The reports are easy to create from the dashboard. They give you real-time results to the survey as answers come in.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

Choose your survey options with one click from the dashboard.

Survey Expression - Review

Easily choose the response options that you want.

SurveyExpression Review

It's simple to manage your surveys from the dashboard.

Review SurveyExpression

Produce real-time reports quickly.

Export your data for analysis and sharing.

Review of SurveyExpression

Free, Easy-To-Use, Versatile

Survey Expression is an easy-to-use survey tool that is free for up to 200 responses a survey. It has templates that make the design easy. You can ask as many questions you want in whatever form you like. A blogger can embed a simple readership survey. A market researcher can ask advanced logic question aimed at highly targeted audiences. Reports and exporting is simple to do.

Support for free users comes from extensive tutorials on the website and email. Paid subscribers get priority email and phone support. The highest level gets a dedicated account manager.

Will It Fit Your Budget?

Survey Expression is free for as many surveys as you like as long as you only need up to 200 responses. Paid subscriptions are on two levels based on the number of email invitations a month. The first is at 50,000 email invitations, the second at 100,000.

An Excellent Free Survey Tool

If you want a free online survey tool, check out Survey Expression. They offer the most open-handed options of any survey tool online. Tutorials and templates make it easy to design and publish your surveys and then analyze the responses. Both casual and advanced users have access to all the survey tools they could need. On a side note, outside of business, as a former graduate student, if I had known about this tool I would have used it instead of the one I ultimately used.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 5/5 and ease of deployment 5/5


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