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SaaS and Cloud Questions of the Week – 21/10

by Christophe Primault
Published on 21 October 2010

In this post, we are publishing the most popular questions from If you are not registered yet, don't be shy and join in to share your expertise or ask the questions that keep you up at night !

  • Who are the main BI vendors (preferably SaaS) ?

Apart from the traditional big vendors( Oracle, SAP, Hyperion,..) who are the main BI SaaS vendors ? I have so far in my list to look at: GoodData , PivotLink, Cloud9Analytics ? Any other i should put on my list to review ? Analysts reports and pointers welcome !

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  • What is your favorite collaboration tool ?

This is a very hot category on with tons of Apps listed and lots of new vendors showing up regularly…

I am keen to hear your feedback on what you are using and what are the top features in your opinion for your favorite ones, especially thinking of geographically distributed teams. Are you connecting those tools with external cloud storage solutions such as, ?

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  • Comparison between Highrise CRM and Zoho CRM?

How would you compare Highrise CRM to Zoho CRM? What features do they differentiate on? What size companies do they support? I am really attracted by the Zoho eco systems as i could use other of their products. What about Highrise integration with third party systems ?

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  • What are the main differences between Shared Hosting and Cloud Computing ?

Could you describe the key differences between Shared Hosting and Cloud Computing (if any besides marketing )? Is there a real cost difference in the long run ? Will i get a better level of services ?

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  • What is cloud 2.0? what are the challanges faced by cloud 2.0 infrastructure?

what is cloud 2.0? what are the challenges faced by cloud 2.0 infrastructure? Examples of cloud 2.0.

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