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These Are the SaaS Influencers Taking Business Software to the Twittersphere

by Jennifer Riggins
Published on 31 October 2014

saas-business-software-influencersWe <3 SaaS (aka Software as a Service.) Obviously we give you the venue where you can compare and contrast business software and we try to give you advice in how to choose these productivity tools that we are confident will save you time and money. But we are certainly not the only experts in this. Today, we have compiled a list of SaaS gurus who can keep you up to date on all delightful things in the business software world.

Lincoln Murphy

This was the guy who made himself known in the SaaS world by first saying he didn't think business was ready for SaaS. Now he's turned that into a career as a strategic SaaS consultant and with a popular weekly newsletter. Follow Lincoln for not only great SaaS business tips, but also simply great sales advice.

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Noah Kagan

Founder of AppSumo a tool to help websites and apps really optimize traffic and writer of SaaS-focused marketing blog OKDork , Noah sends out weekly newsletters with titles that you just have to click on, like "20 Free Tools to Make Your Day Better" and "The course Noah Kagan should have taken in 2013." Follow Noah for great tips for marketing and traffic acquisition.

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Neil Patel

He's the founder of KISSmetrics, the go-to web analytics tool for SaaS, and is an expert voice in our space, sharing the sass of SaaS via Forbes, SocialMediaExaminer, and FastCompany. With Google being a pretty much locked box of SEO, Neil acts as the next best thing. Follow him for tricks that you can use to increase website traffic and conversion rate almost instantly.

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Marc Beniof

Probably no other business software founder is found on speakers' lists featuring world leaders. Maybe that's because being founder and CEO of Salesforce, the biggest SaaS of all time. After all, he did create a company that is constantly topping Forbes' Most Innovative and Best Companies to Work for lists. Follow him because he gives his email address in his Twitter profile, showing that he takes public opinion seriously. Plus, those are his sweet kicks with clouds on them!

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Jason M. Lemkin

Co-founder of Adobe-bought EchoSign and huge Quora user, Jason started the SaaStr blog a couple years ago to inspire the next generation of SaaS start-ups. Follow Jason for a pleasantly sarcastic look at the business software world and solid advice for apiring tech entrepreneurs and why it's not for everybody.

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Amber Osborne

Founder of social media management tool Meshfire which focuses on collaboration and seems rocking for events. Her blog Miss Destructo talks about SaaSy start-ups and vampires. Follow Amber because, first, her tweets are hilarious, includes great causes to support, and just calls the software world on its shizz.

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Albert Pang

Albert's market research company AppsRuntheWorld has interviewed more than 60,000 SaaS providers and end users. He has all the inside information into the industry you'd ever want to know, and offers you the Top 500 Cloud-based Apps to choose from. Follow Albert for 140-character observations and news of the industry, not link-loading, just sharing.

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Laurie McCabe

Co-founder of SMB Group and IT analyst, who just has the quantitative knowledge to back up her solid grasp of the pulse of U.S. small business and how they use (or misuse) technology. Follow Laurie for weekly charts sharing priceless entrepreneurial data and an update on whatever's going on in the U.S. SMB community in real time.

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Mike Butcher

If you're an avid TechCrunch reader (and you should be), you recognize the byline. Mike has been writing about SaaS and the cloud since right when those buzzwords started being used. Follow Mike for what's going on in the European tech scene and to learn what's making it a solid contender to Silicon Valley.

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Ben Kepes

Are you looking for an accounting software? Then Ben is well-equipped to tell you how to find the right one, along with advice for finding any other SaaS. This Kiwi offers great advice on how small business can collaborate and work from anywhere. Follow Ben for a good view of the fast-paced world of someone truly helping entrepreneurs all around the world strategize.

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Christophe Primault

GetApp is going on five years young. That's five years of helping hundreds of thousands of businesses compare and discover the right SaaS. And that's also running an international start-up from Barcelona with a majority U.S. customer base, showing that you can build a great team anywhere that can sell to anywhere. Follow our co-founder Christophe for a look at the SaaS world in both French and English.

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Joel York

Another great guy for measuring the success of it all, Joel's blog and strategic consultancy Chaotic Flow focuses on the metrics-driven SaaS. He's all about taking the guesswork out of developing and optimizing business software. Follow him for links to actionable advice on these topics and more.

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H. Deason Zynczak

A great blend of marketing and metrics, this CMO of business intelligence software DOMO and former SAP and Oracle exec, knows how to apply measurable marketing for success in the SaaS world. Follow Heather for the insider's look at all the big SaaS events, women in tech, and how to forecast and benchmark your business to success.

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Phil Wainewright

Phil is probably the least active Tweeter on this list, only tweeting about once or twice a day. And we like that. We think it shows that when ZDNet's voice of cloud has something to add into the cacophony, it's done with consideration before. Follow Phil for a look at what's disrupting the business software world.

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Jennifer Riggins

After interviewing dozens of SaaS influencers and working for multiple business software, why not me? Have I earned the right to call myself part of this group? Follow me for all things entrepreneur, start-up, SaaS, New Jersey, Spain, and, increasingly surprising for this luddite, API.

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Who else are we missing? We know this list could go on for days, but who do you look to as the future of business software? Where do you Ask a SaaS? Now, go follow YOURSELF! If there's something we've learned, the end user is driving the direction and** future of SaaS.**


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