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SalesFUSION 360 Integrates With Popular CRM Apps to Feature-Rich Marketing Solutions

by Michele Nachum
Published on 8 July 2011

SalesFUSION 360 is an impressive B2B marketing tool that connects seamlessly to your CRM application, providing you with a rich platform of marketing applications that you can use to promote your services to your contacts as well as implement campaigns to generate new leads and customers.

Think of SalesFUSION as a marketing cloud-based application that can amplify your current CRM efforts and literally pick up where other CRM products leave off. It's a relatively affordable solution that is jammed-packed with marketing tools for just about every type of campaign - sort of a dream solution to budget and time strapped marketing departments looking for ways to intelligently and strategically promote their services.

What does it look like?

SalesFUSION is a platform that is designed to integrate with other CRM applications through its CRM Accelerator tool - which is basically a connector for such products as, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM and Saleslogix.

The beauty of it all is that the integration between SalesFUSION and other CRM solutions is seamless and designed to be user-friendly so that you can employee the product to its fullest potential without a lot of technical know-how. Businesses that sign onto SalesFUSION will be able to utilize their contacts and distribution lists in their CRM solutions for the SalesFUSION marketing campaigns. Likewise, SalesFUSION will push data and leads gleamed from the marketing campaigns back into the CRM solutions.

Navigating through SalesFUSION's ribbon is fairly straight-forward, but within each of the tabs there are many tools and applications you can use. That said, while the applications are user-friendly, there are a lot of them and it will take you some time to learn all the product has to offer. But it's worth it - so study away. Actually the SalesFUSION site has some excellent demos and videos that will provide you with a great deal of information.

The ribbon tabs are comprised of the following: Dashboard, Marketing, Web Forensics (love that term, so CSI), Lead Analyzer, Dialogs, CRM, Reports and Administration. Most customers will spend time working in the Marketing tab but essentially all of the tabs are designed to work together. For example, once you implement an email marketing campaign in the Marketing tab, your Web Forensics and Lead Analyzers kick into action providing you with important data that not only measures the effectiveness of your campaign, but provides key intelligence on how your leads reacted to the email correspondence.



Like many cloud-based products, the SalesFUSION Dashboard is designed to offer you an overview of all your campaigns. However, the SalesFUSION dashboard goes a step further and contains detailed graphs to help you drill down into various campaigns to ascertain the progress. You can personalize the Dashboard as well so that you are getting the views you need to better understand how your activities are fairing.

Marketing** :**

Before embarking on your marketing campaign, SalesFUSION offers you tools to design your templates, email correspondence, forms and landing pages . Recognizing that many businesses do not have in-house graphic designers, SalesFUSION has turbo-charged this feature and supplies you with over 700 templates for email marketing campaigns, forms and landing pages. In addition, SalesFUSION provides its users with free access to TemplateZone - which is a tool used by graphic artists and has a huge library of templates and designs.

B2B marketing software review Email Marketing:

Email marketing is one of SalesFUSION's most popular applications as this activity can provide great intelligence into the interest level of your contacts. For example, did a contact who received your email decide to search your company website? Did they unsubscribe or ask for more information? Based on these actions, you will have the option to respond to your leads in different ways that will provide your leads with more information about your products.

SalesFUSION allows you to choose a traditional email marketing campaign where you can push out information to a distribution list and then analyze the results. You can also create campaigns where you can send to a certain segment of the population based on titles, geography, age and other demographic factors. In addition, you can implement a Drip Campaign that allows you to control the timing of email distributtions as well as create various emails that relate to the interests of your leads.

B2B marketing software review

SalesFUSION also offers Trigger Campaigns, a.k.a. Nurture Campaigns, that allows you to set up a distribution of emails based on the behavior of your respondent. For example, if a lead gets your email and signs up for a webinar or asks for more information, you can send them emails, forms, landing pages and more to foster or "nurture" the relationship. Another scenario is that when someone comes to your landing page they are asked to fill out a form and based on their answers, you can have pre-written content that will be emailed to them over time.

Email Calendar:

The Email Calendar is a very nifty tool that allows you to track the progress of the campaigns you are running (you have the option of implementing as many campaigns as you would like all at once). All you have to do is to click on an item in the calendar and poof - your analytics will appear and display such information as "opens" "clicks" and the dreaded "unsubscribes." It will also tell you what links are working best as well as whether or not people are sharing out your content on social media sites.

Dialogs or Call-to-Action Forms:

The Dialog tab allows you to create forms that can appear on your landing pages and websites to extract additional information from your leads. This is a critical tool that can offer deep insight into your contacts. Dialogs can be a registration form or even a a survey that a lead is asked to fill out.

In order to create the forms, SalesFUSION provides a fairly easy "do-it-yourself" tool that allows you to input rules where depending on a lead's answers, SalesFUSION will automatically send the potential customer additional information. You can also have SalesFUSION direct your leads to one of your staff members who can correspond with the lead via email or phone.

Web Forensics:

Web Forensics is designed to help you learn more about your leads and their behavior. You can ascertain who is searching around your websites, what pages they are navigating through as well as discover information on the person's company, how much time they are spending on your site and more. In addition, when you know what company your web visitors are from, SalesFUSION can help you locate pertinent contacts to add to your CRM lists.

Web Forenscics will also relay which keywords people are using to find your landing page or website, which in turn will help you with your SEO campaigns.

Lead Analyzer or Web/Lead Scoring:

The Lead Analyzer tab is SalesFUSION's web scoring tool that assigns point values to leads based on a series of criteria that you set up. This is important in that it helps you determine whether or not a lead is worth "nurturing." You can set up the Lead Analyzer tool to look at how much time a lead spends on your website and ascertain what pages they are visiting, and based on that information, and assign a value. Based on the number of points each lead generates, you can then take action and add your leads to your CRM distribution lists, to marketing campaigns, and even highlight these leads to your salesteam for immediate action.

MultiChannel Campaigns

People are getting their information from multiple sources these days - and putting all of your eggs in one email marketing campaign bag may not always do the trick. So SalesFUSION has a MultiChannel Marketing module to allow a marketer to create a campaign that includes print, email, online, social and mass media and track all responses into your CRM system. Included in the MultiChannel product is Google AdWords API that will automatically discover your ad groups and calculates your AdWord spending ROI and much more.

Is it for you?

SalesFUSION 360 is a product that will work best for businesses that are already using a web-based CRM application or are planning to use a CRM solution and as a result, need a more detailed marketing solution. Therefore, if your company has a small customer base and has not yet implemented any CRM tactics, you might want to look at a different solution with more basic tools to start with and graduate up to SalesFUSION. SalesFUSION offers a lot of customer and lead intelligence and can truly benefit conpanies that need an infusion of marketing tools at their disposal.

Pricing for SalesFUSION is dependent on the size of your customer and lead lists, with subscriptions starting at $250 per month for a 1,000 leads up to $5000 per month for unlimited amount of leads.


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