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Schedule Branded and Timed Post to Facebook: A Review of Post Planner

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 20 June 2012

Post Planner is a specialized application that allows you to customize social media posts on Facebook, add custom icons, and dictate which posts go where. Post Planner helps businesses with their social media marketing strategies with scheduled posts, branding posts with business logos and icons, and adding their website link for increased advertising potential.

Schedule Timed Posts to Facebook

In this advanced digital age, social media marketing is becoming essential. While advertising on various social media sites can be beneficial to your business, it can also be confusing. Post Planner has created a way to keep your posts scheduled and organized, for a more efficient social media marketing method. Post Planner offers an RSS feature that will allow for auto-publishing of blog posts to Facebook. If as a business owner, you are finding it difficult to keep track of what status updates and posts to generate each day, Post Planner can be highly effective in scheduling and organizing your social media marketing posts. Post Planner also provides tips on how to stay at the top of your fans' news feeds.

Who Uses Post Planner?

Anyone who wants to build up a social network following can use Post Planner, as you are able to schedule Facebook posts quickly and easily. However, it is most efficiently used by those who want to garner attention, such as a business selling a product, or an organization looking to get the word out about something they're interested in. Bloggers can also utilize features of Post Planner, primarily the scheduling post feature which allows them to choose a time in the future for posting blogs to their Facebook account.

Why Post Planner and Not HootSuite?

Post Planner offers a variety of features and tools that differ from competitive post scheduling applications. Features include addingpages and groups to organized lists and posting a single post to multiple pages/groups in a few clicks , and selecting images to go along with your scheduled posts.

Post Planner allows for postings to multiple pages and groups at once, and can repeat at various intervals. It can also be adjusted for time zones and send notifications via email when the posts are published. As an added bonus, you can add your own business logo to posts, whereas other sites of its kind don't allow this feature.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

Post Planner is very easy and straightforward. Clad in "Facebook blue font," the user area of Post Planner looks very much like a regular Facebook interface. You will access the app from your Facebook account, and be given a variety of options including your status update, adding a link or photo, and scheduling the post. If you need to make use of the Status Idea Database, simply click on the little light bulb on the right top of the status entry box to bring up that feature.

Once you do, you will be given a drop down menu for such selections as "questions," "Fill in the blank," or "shuffle" if you can't decide. You can choose a subject category and selection of one of the numerous suggestions puts it automatically into your status box.

The user-friendly interface makes Post Planner a straightforward application to use for all of your social marketing needs.

Pros and Cons

Post Planner comes with a wide variety of advantages, and very few disadvantages. The best features of Post Planner are the ability to not only organize your posts, but to schedule them for the future. You may not always be available to post updates on your Facebook page and advertise new products, but with Post Planner you can make it happen with their easy scheduling feature. Another pro to choosing Post Planner is being able to brand your posts with your business logo or other image.

While the fact that Post Planner is only currently available for Facebook, developers plan to incorporate features for other social media sites, including Twitter and Tumblr. The price of Post Planner may seem like a disadvantage, but the increased business potential you will receive as a result of this service, makes it well worth it.

Will It Fit Your Budget?

Post Planner offers a variety of pricing options, so that you can find one suitable to your budget. With prices starting at $4.95 a month and going to just $24.95 a month, you will receive special tools and features with Post Planner, even on a limited budget. If you don't have a lot to spend, you can choose Post Planner's $4.95 monthly fee after trying it out for your 30-day free trial.

Is It For You?

If you are just starting out in the online world trying to market your business or blog, Post Planner should certainly be on your list of tools to consider using. With an optional 30-day free trial, excellent customer service, and user-friendly tools, there is no reason not to try Post Planner. Learning to use its full features could make it a very valuable tool for anyone trying to create a presence on the web.


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