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A Multi-Communication Call Center Solution for Small Businesses — Review of SimplyCT

by Michele Nachum
Published on 17 August 2012

Review of simplyct

Customer Service call center software solutions in the cloud have proliferated in the past few years offering small to mid-sized businesses the opportunity to help their customers in many different ways from web chat to the more traditional phone option. Likewise, customers these days have more access to a company and if not always in the form of the "customer support agent" then as part of a larger community of people with similar interests. Suddenly a person who has trouble downloading software can have access to blog posts, Wikis, Chats, and more.

SimplyCT calls itself Call Center Communications- as they are adamant that the solution is more than just a Customer Service Solution, as it is a very robust application for the small to mid-sized business (probably more appropriate for the larger small and mid-sized businesses). In many cases they are right, but their focus is on businesses that need agents to staff a customer service center and less focused on community/social media aspects as I have seen in other solutions. That is not a negative by any stretch, as some businesses are heavily dependent on agent/customer communications and not so much on blogs/wikis and communities. SimplyCT has many features that can help a company truly train and get their agents up-to-speed to offer excellent customer service.

More Than Just A Call Center

SimplyCT is an cloud-based multi-communications back-of the office software that helps agents, supervisors and ultimately the managers take, monitor, supervise and analyze calls and call volume, statistics, etc. What makes this solution different is its depth - this product has much to offer but its interface is intuitive to navigate and its training/learning sections on their website are short, informative and easy to learn.

SimplyCT has separate solutions for the agents who interact with customers; the supervisors that train and coach; and for upper management that has to ascertain the big picture to make sure the employees and agents on the front lines are doing their jobs and ultimately helping revenue by making happy customers. In some ways, SimplyCT is what I would call a traditional model of the Call Center Solution. It is truly about "agent/customer" interaction.

The Basics - What Does it Look Like?

SimplyCT has several levels depending on your role at a company. For call agents, there is SimplyTALK which provides the interface for the agent to take in calls, emails, chats and FAX as well as make outgoing calls, chat, and emails. There is SimplyWISE for supervisors and a dashing Wallboard, simplyVIEW, that offers real-time data regarding how many calls you received. It is sort of a motivational dashboard graphical interface to get that overview one needs to make sense of the data.

SimplyCT Review


This is the interface for call agents. Agents get a slim and sleek ribbon at the top where they can navigate to such tools as a nifty little dialing pad as their "phone" (see image below). Any time agents receive communication from a customer they can view the graphic below which relays to them where the customer is calling from, what kind of communication ( chat, email or phone) as well as information such as the wait time of the customer (so the agent knows if they are about to talk to a grumpy customer). There are "advance" features such as the ability for an agent to conference in a manager or other experts. if necessary. Other tools include call transfer so agents can direct customers to the right department, expert, etc.

SimplyCT Review


This is also known as the "supervisor" interface or Supervisor Center. This allows the supervisor to train, coach and even intervene with their agents. The dashboard offers (see graphic below) the supervisor a 50,000-view of what all of the agents are doing, and they can even click on a specific agent's name and ascertain how that agent is doing, including how many calls they received, wait times, etc. A supervisor can also record an agent or get on the phone with them and as the agent is speaking to the customer, the supervisor can whisper directions into their ear, giving instructions that only the agents can hear. Of course, the supervisor can also choose to turn the call into a three-way conference call with agent and the customer.

SimplyCT Review

Analytics and Reports

Other aspects to SimplyCT are the ability to receive analytics and reports which offer a good overview of how many people called in, wait times, graphs that can show you call volume for a certain amount of time like for a month that you can then up-level to your manager.

Other Tools

SimplyCT is a very robust solution and has many tools for you to add on agents, provide online support when agents are not available and much more. I cannot write in all the various tools in this review without taking up too much space, but suffice it to say, the team by SimplyCT have enough features for a small to mid-sized business to comfortably run a multi-platform call communications center.

Will It Fit Your Budget?

SimplyCT has both monthly and annual pricing packages that range from $100 to $200 a month. Overall the pricing is fair and if your business is such that it depends on agents interacting with customers pretty much 24/7 - then the investment is worth it. But if your business is more of a help desk situation where calls or interactions from customers are more scarce, then there are other more niche help desk solutions may be more up your alley.

Is it for you?

If your business relies on agents and customers chatting, email and or talking, then SimplyCT is the right solution. The application is heavily focused on customer service, and not as much on social media solutions that I have seen in other customer service solutions. What I liked about the SimplyCT solution is that it offers a very robust product that will help people at all levels better learn their jobs and truly interact well with customers.

Ratings: ease of use 4.5/5, features 4/5, value 5/5 and ease of deployment 4/5


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