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The Best Collaboration Apps to Keep Teams Organized

by Stephanie Miles
Published on 13 August 2013

Collaboration softwareThe days when colleagues would huddle around a conference room table brainstorming ideas have largely passed. With 24 percent of workforces are now telecommuting from home on a regular basis, businesses are looking for digital tools that they can use to foster a sense of teamwork among those employees outside the office.

Unlike their colleagues from previous generations, professionals in Generation Y feel completely comfortable working in a digital environment. Many grew up using instant messaging and chat rooms to communicate with friends, which means using collaboration apps to work with colleagues outside the office isn't such a stretch.

Online collaboration software makes it possible for groups of people to share ideas, transfer files, and work simultaneously on documents regardless of their physical locations. The functionality of dedicated collaboration applications has improved significantly in the past five years, as real-time editing tools and video communication features become increasingly common.

We have selected some of the best collaboration apps available on our site, which you can review below. We know project management tools can often blend together, but we try to quickly below explain the differences in features and pricing. Are you ready to management your team's collaboration more efficiently in the cloud?


Wrike is great for teams, your clients and especially you, who gets a quick chart overview of the important things, monitoring different projects at once. Wrike is an online collaboration and project management software that includes a Gantt chart, task prioritization, Outlook and Apple email add-ins, on-task discussion, workload manager and so much more. Price: Freemium up to 5 users, then $49/month

Mavenlink collaboration software


Mavenlink is an online project management, collaboration and professional services automation software. The SaaS platform enables professional service providers and their clients to efficiently manage projects from start to finish. Mavenlink includes collaboration, professional services automation, and networks. Price: Free Trial, then $49/month. If you mention GetApp, you can get 25 percent off Mavenlink Premier plans.

liquidplanner collaboration software logo


LiquidPlanner is a professional online project management software that shows an average of 16 hours saved per month due to better planning and automation. It does this by getting your team focused with drag-and-drop priority-based scheduling, built-in collaboration and discussion, and even keeping your document management and contract management in one place. Price: Free Trial, then $29/month ($24/month if you pay a year in advance.)

Atlassian Confluence

Atlassian Confluence's collaboration tool's headline is "Where work becomes teamwork." it's all about reducing your number of meetings and emails, instead collaborating within their tool, whether it's content planning, project management, sharing of collective knowledge, and more. Price: Free Trial, then $10 for ten users per month.


AtTask (now Workfront)

AtTask (now known as Wokfront) is an online collaboration software that provides a 360-degree view of all workplace activities, helping both team members and management alike to better understand and organize their work, improving workflows and productivity. With AtTask, managers can evaluate potential and current projects, set sound strategic and financial objectives, validate corporate initiatives, and promote and execute those projects that provide the greatest business value. Price: Starting from $30/month


ProWorkflow is a collaboration app that helps you put your best face forward with customized branding and configuration and transparent workflow with built-in time tracker widgets. It also follows a Gantt style timeline, and lets you run quoting right from within. You can control different user permissions, meaning your freelancers, clients and staff all see what you want them to. Price: Free Trial, then $10 a month for freelancers, $20 per month per staff members (most popular plan), and then $30 per person month for enterprises.

Podio collaboration software logo


Achieve more, together. Escape email overload and document chaos with Podio, the collaborative work platform. Podio fits your needs in minutes with the power of Podio Apps. Users can get work done from anywhere with Podio's free iPhone, iPad, and Android apps. Professionals can move away from email into social activity streams, and set up unlimited workspaces for their projects, teams, and clients. Price: Starting from $9/month

ZohoProjects collaboration software logo

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a project management app that offers time tracking and task management, as well as Gantt chart reporting and email collaboration. Some of the things teams can do is chat online, work together on documents real time and save files on other platforms through the Google Apps and Dropbox integrations. Price: Starting from $99 / Year

Clarizen collaboration software logo


Clarizen combines social collaboration and project management by connecting conversations, tasks and projects in a single solution. Some of the key features are the collaborative planning by using shared calendars and individual calendars and the ability to manage expenses and create reports on the percentage of completion of the different projects. Price: Starting from $29.95 / Month

Ready to streamline your team collaboration in the cloud?

Each of these apps offers you and your team the chance to work from anywhere while staying in touch and managing your projects better. If you aren't sure which one is the best, why not check them all out? Here you can find collaboration tools compared head to head with independent users reviews.


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