2 Infographics to Explain Why Small Businesses Are Turning to the Cloud

2 Infographics to Explain Why Small Businesses Are Turning to the Cloud

by Christophe Primault
Published on 8 December 2011

Cloud computing is now on many small business owners mind but it remains something difficult to grasp.

Confusion is rampant and in some cases it comes from cloud services vendors attempting to broaden the appeal of their products.

It is critical that small businesses understand cloud computing and the benefits they can drive from online software. For the vast majority of them it is the right approach to increase productivity and cut costs.

We are sharing two great infographics explaining the current state of small business and cloud computing.

How small businesses are using the Cloud

These are the highlights from the first infographic we have chosen, brought by Microsoft:

  • there are nearly all 10 million small businesses in the United States
  • 98 % say technology is important to their success
  • 42 % report do no have an IT department
  • 35% are already using cloud-based software
  • 74% will increase their onlone software spend
  • 42 % of have reduced their IT workload with the cloud
  • 38 % of can get new features faster with the cloud
  • 60 % say cloud computing is important to improving IT collaboration

Why small business are increasingly turning to the cloud

These are the highlights from the second infographic we selected, brought by NovelASPect:

  • more than twice as many small businesses are using cloud solutions now in comparison to the second half of 2010
  • companies small and medium are equally as aggressive with cloud adoption
  • 42% of small business IT organizations are using cloud services
  • 57 % of cloud users say moving their data to the cloud has resulted in improved security
  • 58 % say it has given them better control of their data
  • 73% say it has reduced the cost of their IT infrastructure
  • cloud computing can reduce IT labor by up to 50%
  • 72% say that cloud computing has improved their user experience
  • 50% say that cloud computing has improved their business agility and productivity

For those of you who have already started with cloud computing, your are increasingly confident about the benefits you can gain form cloud usage both in terms of productivity improvement and cost cutting.

But there are still many small business owners who lack of awareness and education about the cloud.

We trust that these two infographics help you understand the sate of cloud computing with small businesses.

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Image from Flickr user Kexino